July 9, 2022
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11 Child Stars Whose Hollywood Success Continued into Adulthood

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By: Matthew Watkins

It’s hard to find a child actor that not only looks the part, but is also able to convey the necessary emotions needed to keep the movie afloat. Naturally, when audiences come across a child actor with these talents, it’s not surprising that said child is heaped with praise and adoration. Hollywood is a fickle place, however, and more often than not, a child who is considered hot property at a young age is dropped like a sack of potatoes as they enter adulthood. The huge pressures placed upon them at such a young age can be overwhelming as they grow up in an industry full of temptation. The pressure can simply become too much, causing the star to struggle to come to terms with such fame at such a young age and drift off the rails. Other times, it is simply because they either lose interest in the industry or audiences lose interest in them.

Originally posted on Movie Web

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