February 2, 2022

13 Minutes Trailer: Trace Adkins Battles a Tornado as It Tears Through the Heartland

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By: Brandon Novara

What happens when a tornado comes or is spotted? The sirens go off and you take shelter right? But what happens when the largest tornado ever is heading towards your town and you only have 13 Minutess to reach safety? Watch the trailer and be thankful this isn’t you. 

13 Minutes is the next disaster movie heading to theaters October 29th and it sees a small town minutes away from being wiped off the map. As the day starts off pretty normal in the town of Minninnewah, the spring storms are coming…And they know it’s just part of life. Well, that was until the largest tornado in history started heading straight toward their town. Arrival time is 13 Minutes.

Not a whole lot of time to get to shelter before the largest tornado on record destroys everything in its path, leaving the residents searching for their loved ones and fighting for their lives. Pretty interesting fact in regards to this movie. The movie poster is a photo of the deadly twister that ripped through Minnesota last summer. One of the storm chasers who captured video and photos of nature’s fury is Melanie Metz, better known by some in the storm chasing community as one of the “Twister Sisters.”

<strong><em>13 Minutes</em></strong> poster

Metz, who lives in Champlin, followed the twister as it carved a 9-mile path from west of Ashby to east of Dalton. It was on the ground for 31 minutes and achieved EF-4 status with 170 mph winds, making it a high-end tornado capable of producing extreme damage. Thankfully the casualties were minimal despite one death and several injuries. But the destruction was something out of a movie. 

“When I received the email regarding the use of my image for the poster, I was in shock and elated, and cried many tears of joy! I never dreamed that one of my photographs would be randomly selected for a movie cover/poster!”

The movie itself is a fictional story, however the basis for the story has come from several large tornado stories and sightings that were real. 13 Minutes stars Trace Adkins alongside Amy Smart, Thora Birch and Anne Heche. The film is directed by Lindsay Gossling and written by Travis Farncombe (story by) and Lindsay Gossling (screenplay.)

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good natural disaster film hit the theaters. And with all the fires, meteor sightings, rain and so on, now seems like a time to bring a new film out.  It really is a genre that doesn’t get old because the possibility of a true large scale natural disaster happening is not far fetched and we have seen some pretty major ones over the years. These are the films that everyone can relate to because all of us have thought about what we would do and how prepared we are or aren’t.

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