February 4, 2022
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25 Years Later, Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin Still Want to Make Bio-Dome 2

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By: Jeremy Dick

25 years later, the stars of Bio-Dome are still hoping to get an official sequel to the cult classic comedy movie off the ground. Released in theaters in 1996 by MGM, Bio-Dome stars Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin as a pair of slackers who wind up crashing an enclosed ecosystem inhabited by scientists as part of an experiment. The movie is also notable for featuring the first on-screen performance of Jack Black and Kyle Gass as Tenacious D.

Bio-Dome was not a big hit when it was initially released, barely making a profit at the box office and taking a rather heavy beating from critics. In the years since, it has developed a cult following with many of Shore’s fans considering it to be one of his funniest works. For years, fans have been asking for Shore to develop a sequel, hoping that the possibility may be more likely now that the movie has built up a fanbase over the past 25 years.

Regarding the consistent requests he gets for movie sequels, Pauly Shore took to Twitter to post a video message in response. As explained in the video, the actor would love to do sequels to his movies, naming Bio-Dome as an example alongside other titles like In the Army Now and Encino Man. He even reveals that co-star Stephen Baldwinn still contacts him frequently about the idea. They’re powerless to make it happen themselves, however, and the only way for it to happen is for the fans to convince the studio.

“I would definitely do the sequels to all my movies… Stephen Baldwin texts me every day and says, ‘Let’s do Bio-Dome 2.’ We would do these movies for you. But the issue is, we, the actors, don’t own the movies. The studios, Disney+, MGM, and now I think Amazon owns Bio-Dome, so my suggestion is, if you guys want us, the actors, to do the sequels to these movies, then just tweet at Disney+. Tweet at MGM. And if there’s much demand for these films… they’ll simply call my agent or my manager up and be like, ‘Yo, Pauly, they just greenlit Bio-Dome 2, you down?’ I’m like, ‘F*** yeah, let’s go.’

While he encourages fans to let the studios know about it if they want Bio-Dome 2 or any other sequel to his movies, Shore reminds them to do so respectfully. He has also expressed similar sentiments in the past when teasing the possibility of Encino Man 2. Shore has clearly stated before that Brendan Fraser and Sean Astin are just as interested in making that sequel as he is, and told his followers online to tweet at Disney+ to help make it happen.

With Bio-Dome, Shore wasn’t kidding when he said that Baldwin is just as eager to make the sequel. He has spoken about the possibility for years, mentioning in interviews that he’s had talks with Shore about developing Bio-Dome 2, partly because of how many fans recognize him for his role in the original. In 2017, the actor reiterated to Variety that he was still hoping to see Bio-Dome 2 happen, but like Pauly’s doing now, Baldwin asked for some help with convincing the rights-holders to allow it.

“Help me talk to the studio that helps control the sequel rights to Bio-Dome because Pauly and I are ready, and I have the money now with my new company,” Baldwin said, suggesting he even had the funding all ready to go. “Let Bio-Dome 2 live! Let Bio-Dome 2 live!”

Bio-Dome 2 might have been a hard sell all these years based on initially bombing when it first arrived in 1996. Even so, if the movie has a large enough clamoring for a follow-up online, that can only help its chances of a sequel happening. In any case, you can watch the original movie on HBO Max.

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