July 10, 2022
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5 Ways Speed 3 Can Be Saved From Box Office Failure

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By: Brent Wiggins

Keanu Reeves has starred in cult classic movies, from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure to The Matrix. He is also no stranger to sequels, with his most recent films, Bill & Ted Face the Music and Matrix: Resurrections. This time, Keanu is back for another blast from the past: Speed 3. The action thriller earned Keanu mainstream success in 1994, alongside Sandra Bullock as love interest, Annie, and Dennis Hopper as Howard Payne, a disgruntled ex-cop-turned terrorist. A return to the franchise has fans equally excited and skeptical. After the shipwreck of 1997, AKA Speed 2: Cruise Control, some think the series has sunk deeper than the Titanic, while others long for a new wild ride. The third installment has been confirmed, and Keanu is back onboard as Jack Traven. To help him steer clear of box-office poison and pick up speed, this is what Speed 3 needs to become a proper sequel.

Originally posted on Movie Web

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