February 4, 2022
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Back to Hogwarts Global Fan Event Celebrates 20 Years of Harry Potter Movie Magic

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By: Anthony Lund

Fans of Harry Potter have begun celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter movie franchise, which, depending on where you are in the world, is sometime in November, as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone/Sorcerer’s Stone approaches its milestone birthday. The aptly titled Back to Hogwarts Day kicked off with a live event that was streamed on Wednesday morning. The life feed attracted over 1.1 million viewers when it arrived last year, and considering this year is a big one for Potter fans, the 2021 event is likely to gain even more attention.

Presented by the Harry Potter Fan Club and hosted by DJ Yinka Bokinni, Back To Hogwarts Global Fan Celebration: 20 Years of Harry Potter Movie Magic included a special appearance by Draco Malfoy actor Tom Felton, and sees host Bokinni leading viewers through a very interactive taste of Harry Potter fandom with features that will be of great interest to anyone with even a passing love of the franchise. Along with a new Instagram filter that lets fans take their own journey onto Platform 9 3/4, this is only the tip of the iceberg for what is to come as the celebrations continue over the coming weeks.

Each Wednesday going forward, the Wizarding World will be pulling out the top moments from the first movie, with a collection of quizzes, games and revealing secrets from the movie set when they do their countdown on each Wizarding Wednesday. Warner Bros. are obviously going to make a big thing of the upcoming anniversary, as it is one of their biggest money spinners and allegedly a pivot for many upcoming projects that they look to spin-off from the franchise. A Harry Potter Quiz Show is currently in production with WB, and will be soon heading to HBO Max as well as Cartoon Network and TBS. HBO Max also have the whole Harry Potter saga available to watch from today.

The official blurb from what to expect can be found at the anniversary website, and reads: “”Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first film in the epic eight-part Harry Potter series, is reaching its 20th anniversary this year. To celebrate, we’re looking at 20 of its most iconic scenes that we still think about today. Join us over the next couple of months as more moments begin to magically appear every Wizarding Wednesday and see if any of your favourites pop up! Expect quizzes, videos, fan content, deep-dives, puzzles and much more. Grab your Hogwarts trunk, we’ve got a lot to unpack!”

While there are all of these things to look forward to, the one thing that many fans would really have liked to see is one that they will likely be left wanting for, as it doesn’t appear that there will be any full cast reunion on the cards with the likes of Daniel Radcliffe having ruled themselves out of any such event in the immediate future. However, there are still over two months of events leading up to the anniversary, so it is likely that everyone will find something to please them.

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