April 24, 2022
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Best Neo-Noirs of the 90s, Ranked

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By: Erik Nielsen

After noirs ran rampant in the mid-20th Century, becoming a staple of American cinema, the genre seemed to have reached a crescendo. However, thanks in large part to a successful revival of the genre in the 90s, the neo-noir became a reliable and established genre poking through independent cinema while also finding success in the studio system. Repurposed in color, but with the same moody scores, femme Fatales, and average men who were caught in a web of criminality where fate seems to be reaching a violent and grim endpoint. The bleak nature of noir always finds surprising success. With new faces and perspectives to help guide the narrative in a different direction like Bill Duke, Carl Franklin, and the Wachowskis, the noir got a facelift, making it one of the best kinds of films for a decade ripe with gems.

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