January 31, 2022

Billy the Kid Trailer: The Legendary Outlaw Rides into Trouble in New EPIX Western

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By: Zachary Pogue

EPIX recently released a trailer for their upcoming show titled Billy the Kid. The series is inspired by one of the most well known outlaws in American history. An article from Collider compares the upcoming project to the classic HBO series Deadwood. Both programs feature a sepia-toned color palette, along with a dark look at the Old West. The crew for Billy the Kid includes someone with previous experience in historical fiction. Michael Hirst, who created The Tudors and Vikings, is writing the new show. The former was inspired by the relationships between Henry VIII and some of his wives. The latter was based on the conflicts of some of the real life warriors. Actor Tom Blyth (Robin Hood, Benediction) is starring in the titular role in Billy the Kid. There will be eight episodes in the first season, and they are expected to be one hour each. Many recent shows have relatively short seasons, and the one based on the Western criminal is no exception.

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