July 8, 2022
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Boo, Bitch Review: Relationships, Death, and Yearning For High School Popularity

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By: Ashley Hajimirsadeghi

Many studies have been conducted about the dying and their regrets. People often describe that their biggest regrets in life include not being true to themselves, denying and allowing opportunities to seek out happiness to come their way, not expressing their feelings, and not keeping the friendships that mattered the most to them. Movies, television, literature, and theater have done quite a bit of the heavy work when exploring what the afterlife could mean to an individual, whether it is in the vein of the now-classic Beetlejuice or a tragic drama like The Lovely Bones. But what if someone was allowed to come back and fulfill all of their unmet goals? That is what happens in Netflix’s newest limited series: Boo, Bitch.

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