February 3, 2022

Christmas Freak Trailer: Rudy’s Never-Ending Yuletide Celebration Gets a Little Creepy

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By: Brandy Lynn Sebren

Gravitas Ventures has just released the first trailer for their syrupy-sweet and Kris Kringley-creepy comedy Christmas Freak. We are introduced to Rudy, a middle-aged man banking on his celebrating Christmas every day will bring the return of his father who went out for a pack of smokes 30 Christmas’s ago. I can already tell this is going to be one of my holiday staples.

“Christmas comes just once a year. But for Rudy, every day is Christmas. And every day is perfect. Because Christmas is perfect. At least that’s what Rudy tells himself.” Our man Rudy needs a nudge to get out of his 30 year rut. His community doesn’t know where to start. Then he meets Clarice. For you novices, that’s the name of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s gal pal who thinks he’s CUUUUTE! The officially long synopsis reads as follows.

Christmas is the greatest achievement in human history. But when Rudy’s father left home on Christmas day 30 years ago, Rudy promises to do Christmas again every day until his father returned. 30 years later, Rudy is still celebrating Christmas every day. And despite all the Christmas joy, Rudy still has no father, no future, and no friends. But Rudy is sure that Christmas brings out the best in us all. Clarice, his co-worker at the assisted living center Moonracer’s, thinks Rudy is cute.”

“Clarice is also a little quirky. Lonely and desperate for friends, Rudy fantasizes that he is cool like the guy he always sees on the train. One day, the cool guy drops his scarf and Rudy picks it up. He convinces himself the scarf magically makes him cool too so he decides to throw a Christmas party (even though it’s really Valentine’s Day). A chance encounter with the cool guy from the train takes Rudy on a crazy trip through his obsession with Christmas and the loss of his father – and how the greatest achievement in human history is nothing to celebrate without someone to celebrate it with.”

<strong><em>Christmas Freak</em></strong> Poster

I am in! Christmas Freak stars Sean Marlow as Rudy Rotnase (Red Nose in German. Funny.), Amy Hagan as Clarice Fawn (These guys get me), Christian Wilson (Pig) as Mr. McLovin, Gemma Bulos as Rudy’s mom, and David Basila as Mickey Bumble. Written and directed by Sean Brown who you may know from Strictly Professional about 3 rich women, Suzanne, Gloria, and Titsy, who are bored and unfulfilled. They devise a plan to hire young gigolos to spice their lives up. To keep things on a “strictly professional” basis, the women agree to swap gigolos regularly so as not to become attached. But despite their best efforts, relationships do form. What happens next will keep Vista Avenue buzzing for months.

Hang up that mistletoe, grab your candy canes, throw up those twinkle lights, don’t forget to bake the cookies, and don’t worry about your concerned neighbors, Christmas Freak will be streaming and available on DVD October 5.

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