February 3, 2022

Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie Is About the Creation of the Atom Bomb During WWII

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By: Qasim Hasnain

In a bombshell revelation, legendary director, Christopher Nolan’s next movie is revealed to be set in World War II, focusing on the creation of the atomic bomb, and more towards J. Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist behind the creation of the atomic bomb. With the film in development, it looks to be his next film, after the community divider that was Tenet.As multiple sources have reported recently, Nolan is not looking for WB to distribute his films anymore, after being a long-time collaborator, due to the recent HBO Max same-day-release drama. Said to be fully against digital releases as opposed to cinematic openings, Nolan is reported to be talking to multiple studios for his next film, with rumblings of a Netflix deal appearing previously, which fans are skeptical about, considering Netflix is also a streaming service.

It is reported that many major studios in Hollywood are currently reading Nolan’s script and talking to his reps, as opposed to exclusively talking to Warner Brothers Media, as was Nolan’s preferred destination in the past. This comes after his film Tenet, which was divisive amongst fans and critics alike, but a mind-bender for sure, was released amidst awful conditions for cinema, yet still holds the record for highest grossing movie in the pandemic, at just upwards of $360 million, which was reportedly not enough for WB to generate a significant profit.

While the film is in its early stages, there have been rumblings about the cast of the film, with Cillian Murphy, a long-time collaborator of Christopher Nolan’s said to be in consideration for the lead role. While exact cast details are subject to further confirmations and essentially, depending on how far the film has progressed, many fans see this as a new start for Nolan, who faced much criticism for Tenet to unfortunately prove himself again, while still being one of the greatest, if not the greatest director to-date.

While Christopher Nolan is no stranger to war movies, with his 2017 film, Dunkirk, set in World War II as well, also starring Cillian Murphy, described as an amazing cinematic experience, was a different movie from the ones which Nolan is famous for, superhero movies, sci-fi and non-linear last minute bombshell-dropping flicks, but a blockbuster altogether. Criticism has already started to pour in, with many fans debating on whether Nolan’s next film should be a biography, ultimately it is up to the director himself, and even non-fans of Nolan expect a special movie, which has been tradition for Nolan movies.

While many may not know this, Nolan is no stranger to biographies as well, as his cancelled Howard Hughes biopic frequently labelled as ‘the best movie Nolan never made’ and was set to star Jim Carrey as the lead actor leading up to the final years of Hughes’s life, cancelled after The Aviator, the Martin Scorsese helmed, DiCaprio led fan-favorite movie. Will Nolan be able to prove his doubters wrong, (again) with another one of his masterpieces, or will a fate similar to Tenet repeat itself. Whatever the outcome only time will tell, in the meantime, his fans believe.

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