February 2, 2022

Clerks III Won’t Be Kevin Smith’s Final Movie: There’s Definitely More

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By: Anthony Lund

Kevin Smith has been busy lately, between his revival of the Masters of The Universe animated series and his return to the world of Clerks, but while many fans are happy to see Smith returning to the movie that really gave his career a kickstart, some were worried that he could be using the movie as a swansong on his movie career after he promised that the film was a to be a very emotional and personal project for him. However, in a recent interview with Uproxx, while discussing his new coffee-table retrospective book, Smith confirmed that he has plenty more films that he wants to make, as long as the will of the world allows it.

Part of the story line in Clerks III sees the lead character suffering a heart attack that makes him think about his life, a story that is very close to Smith’s heart, literally, as he himself suffered a similar health scare a few years’ ago which gave him a reality check that really impacted how he looked at the work he wanted to do. As he discussed, it sometimes feels like he is now on borrowed time.

“There’s definitely more,” Kevin Smith said while discussing his career-spanning book. “I’m going to keep going until the heart gives out, but based on the heart attack, I know that I got limited time. Now, I changed my life. I went vegan. I hike, and I try to be healthy, but I’m still at the mercy of my genetics, which are pretty f-cking bad. My old man died of a heart attack at age 67. My mother just got her third stent put into her heart like two weeks ago, so the writing’s on the wall. At this point, post-heart attack, I honestly feel like I’m living on borrowed time, so I will keep making stuff until I go tits up, or toes up, however, the expression goes.”

Smith has taken his heart attack as a sign that he needs to change the way he approaches the work he now does. Rather than focussing on the projects that people want him to do, Smith is now approaching everything from the angle that he needs to concentrate on doing the things he wants to work on to feel like he has said all he wants to say before he meets his maker.

“What it makes you do is go, ‘I don’t have time for anybody else’s stuff.’ That’s why Masters of the Universe was so special because I’m like, ‘it’s not mine, but all right, I’ll do this,’ because I could tell a comic book story through those characters, and that appealed to me,” Smith explained. “Generally speaking, post-heart attack, it’s all about, like, tell your stories. There was a minute where I did Cop Out, and I was directing CW shows. I was just spreading it around, but after the heart attack, I’m like you don’t have the time or the lifespan to spread it around. I know there’s a lot of stuff you want to say in this life. Make sure you’re saying it if you do drop dead.”

For fans of Smith’s own work, this can only be good news as what they are going to get in the future is going to be 100% the writer-director’s most passionate work based on the characters and stories he loves. Clerks III recently completed filming and, according to Smith, is in advanced post-production, while the second half of his Masters of The Universe series on Netflix is coming in the next few months. This news originated at https://uproxx.com/movies/kevin-smith-book-interview/|Uproxx.

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