February 3, 2022
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Dame Helen Mirren Will Host New Harry Potter Game Show Hogwarts Tournament of Houses

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By: Brandy Lynn Sebren

It’s true. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses, the four-part competition series is coming our way soon. Joining as host of the Potter-knowledge quiz show is the magical Dame Helen Mirren. Christmas has come early! The game show will feature hundreds of Potter-themed trivia questions, special guest appearances, and a play-along component for all of us tuning in! Here’s my, I mean our, chance to win the House Cup! So many exclamation points! Dame Helen is excited as I am!

“I knew someday I’d get a Harry Potter role, and I’m so pleased to take part in the 20-year film celebration,” Mirren said. “The films inspired such enchantment and wonder for so many of us, and it will be such a treat to reignite that magic for the countless fans who continue to revel in this spellbinding world.”

Warner Bros. has recently registered the following URL addresses: HogwartsTournamentOfHouses.com and HpHogwartsTournamentOfHouses.com. Might they be used to play along? I will finally not only be able to use my awe-inspiring encyclopedic knowledge of all things Harry Potter, I can then lord it over my bafflingly-unimpressed friends! My mom says they’re just jealous. Now, if I only had a wand.

Hogwarts House

Tom Ascheim, President of Warner Bros. Global Kids, Young Adults announced, “All Potter fans can gear up for this ultimate one-of-a-kind celebration by embracing their inner Hermione Granger and studying their Wizarding World knowledge. For fans who have always wanted to discover what it might be like to take the O.W.L. exams, this is as close as they are going to get!”

“We’re creating an arena for the leagues of Harry Potter film fans to flex their knowledge of the Wizarding World, and there’s no one better than Dame Helen Mirren to add some British grandeur to this event that will debut across our WarnerMedia brands and platforms.”

“To celebrate our dedicated fans who have passionately kept the Wizarding World magic alive in so many forms for decades, these exciting specials will celebrate their Harry Potter fandom in a must-see multiplatform TV event.”

Crack open your Hogwarts: A History, gather your ingredients for your potions, make sure you know the difference between a quaffle and a bludger, and have your pronunciation of spells perfected; game on! If you can’t name all the Weasleys nor know the brands of broomsticks Harry rides, just sit in the stands, and cheer the rest of us on. (Turning my cap around, Over the Top style)

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses will air for four consecutive days ending with a retrospective special, all celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s sure to be an entertaining competition. The age limit is 14 and up. Who’s going to be the wizard wizard? I’m changing my nickname. Tune in to Cartoon Network’s ACME Night and TBS later this year. It will then be made available on HBO Max. This news comes from https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/helen-mirren-harry-potter-quiz-show-1235014067/|The Hollywood Report.

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