February 4, 2022

Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa’s Buddy Cop Movie Is Officially Happening

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By: Anthony Lund

It is less than a week since Dave Bautista appeared to put out a hopeful but speculative Tweet suggesting that he and Jason Momoa should get together with director David Leitch to do a “Lethal Weapon type buddy cop movie.” At the time I, and many others, said that in a time when internet quips very quickly pick up pace and become fully blown ideas, there was every likelihood that at some point we would see this idea come to fruition. It appears that there was more to the tweet than perhaps met the eye, as Jason Momoa has revealed that the pair are already working on the project after Bautista contacted him around the same time as he posted the tweet.

Last Wednesday, Bautista put out what seemed to just be a random air-grab of an idea when he tweeted, “Just going to throw this out into the atmosphere and see what happens. Here we go… Me and Momoa in a Lethal Weapon type buddy cop movie directed by David Leitch. Ok! There it is. Now we wait.” This led many to believe that Bautista was simply playing around with fans and building on the good relationship the pair have in the hope that something may happen, but it seems that while the internet speculated, Bautista was already contacting Momoa to set the wheels in motion.

Momoa appeared on The Late Late Show on Monday and while speaking to host James Cordon about his upcoming projects, such as Sweet Girl and the Apple TV+ series, See – in which he appears with Bautista – when Cordon asked about the well-publicized tweet. In a surprise response, Momoa laughed and said that they have already started working on the idea.

“He literally texted me four days ago, going, ‘We need to do a buddy cop film,'” Momoa said to Corden. “We love each other. We are on See and Dune together. And I said, ‘Absolutely.’ And he said, ‘Let’s do it in Hawaii.’ And I said, ‘Let’s do it. I have an idea.’ So it’s off to the races now. We’re doing it.”

He continued, joking that the movie essentially sells itself as the two of them are a sure-fire cinema hit together. “It sells itself, bro. Dave loves wearing Speedos. I love wearing board shorts. And both of us with our shirts off. He’ll be grumpy and I’ll be charming. Boom. It sells itself, bro. I have the hair. He doesn’t have hair. We cover all the demographics.”

The internet was buzzing when Bautista suggested the idea, with many adding their support to the idea with a desperate hope that it would somehow become reality. Now that Momoa has confirmed that things are moving on the project, we know it is going to be a little while before we get anywhere near the movie actually arriving in cinemas, but with both stars clearly fired up for the gig, it would be foolish of a studio not to pick up the idea. With both actors currently appearing in popular movies and shows for Netflix and Apple, it is likely that they could find a good home for the film on either of those streamers as well as theaters.

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Originally posted on Movie Web

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