February 3, 2022

Disney’s Predator Movie Wraps, Amber Midthunder Confirmed as the Lead

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By: Jeremy Dick

That’s a wrap on Predator 5. On Instagram, cinematographer Jeff Cutter posted an image from the set of the upcoming sequel that’s been shooting in Calgary, Alberta under the working title Skulls. He reveals that shooting is now officially wrapped on the project, going on to confirm that Amber Midthunder (Legion) stars in the lead role. The clapboard in the photo, which you can look at below, features the Skulls working title in the traditional Predator font.

In the caption, Cutter writes: “And that’s a wrap on Skulls! Can’t thank Dan Trachtenberg enough for inviting me along on this epic journey and entrusting me to help achieve his vision for this film! Thanks to a great cast led by Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers and Dane Diliergo and much love to a brave Calgary crew for diving headfirst in with us!”

A period movie, Predator 5 will be a prequel set during the American Civil War, long before the events of the original movie. Reportedly, the story will follow “a Comanche woman who goes against the gender norms and traditions of her tribe to become a warrior.” In May, there were reports that this role had been cast with Amber Midthunder, though this wasn’t officially confirmed until now. There has been a lot of secrecy surrounding the project, which is why there aren’t many more details about the plot. Originally, director Dan Trachtenberg was hoping to hide the fact that the movie was connected to Predator for much longer.

There’s also some uncertainty over the movie’s official title. It’s been well known that the project was shooting under the working title Skulls, and it was later reported that the movie would officially be titled Skull. Trachtenberg later posted a clapboard from the set of 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was shooting under the working title Valencia, and suggested that the same thing was happening here with Skulls, aka Skull.

“Looking at this old picture of our slate from when we shot 10 Cloverfield Lane and thinking about how sometimes they report on a movie’s title, but it’s actually just the code name it is shooting under,” the filmmaker wrote in the caption. Until the official title is announced by Trachtenberg, we’ll just refer to the upcoming movie as Predator 5 for now.

Patrick Aison wrote the screenplay for Predator 5. John Davis is producing under Davis Entertainment while 20th Century will develop and distribute the movie, which is the first Predator movie happening at Disney. Recognizing how beloved the original Predator movie is, Davis has suggested that Predator 5 will be on equal ground, if not on par or even better than the first movie.

“It’s going to be, I believe, the second best — or the first… or it may be equal to the first one. Right?” Davis previously told Collider. “I feel like the first one was a wonderful, interesting movie and I know what worked about it. I feel like we kind of never got back there again. We ended up in different places. I think this is a worthy complement to the first one. It’s going to be as good.”

Predator 5 doesn’t yet have an official release date announced, but it’s likely going to arrive sometime in 2022. With the shoot now in the can, let’s hope for some sneak peek photos or even some footage in the near future.

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