February 4, 2022

Downton Abbey 2 Gets a New Title, Release Date and Poster at CinemaCon

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By: Jeremy Dick

Downton Abbey 2 now has its official title, but the movie has also been delayed until next year. At CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, a short teaser was released for the upcoming movie that revealed its official logo. Carnival Films also revealed that the movie is officially called Downton Abbey: A New Era and that it will be released in theaters on March 18, 2022. It was originally scheduled to release on Dec. 22 this year.

“A new era begins,” reads a tweet posted by the Downton Abbey account on Twitter. “The entire Downton cast is back for Downton Abbey: A New Era, with Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, Nathalie Baye and Dominic West joining. See the film only in theaters March 18, 2022.”

Written by Downton Abbey TV series creator Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey: A New Era is directed by Simon Curtis, replacing the original movie’s director Michael Engler. As noted, the sequel will bring back the original cast including Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, and Phyllis Logan. Coming into the sequel in mystery roles are Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, Nathalie Baye, and Dominic West.

Per Deadline, the teaser footage for Downton Abbey: A New Era showcased at CinemaCon “reunites us with the Crawley family and the Downton staff as preparations for an overseas journey are underway. Intones Jim Carter’s Mr Carson in one of the few lines of dialogue in the footage, ‘The British are coming.’ There’s lots of glitz and glamour and jazz, as well as, evidently, a wedding.”

<strong><strong><em>Downton Abbey</em></strong></strong> A New Era Poster

Created and co-written by Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey debuted as a TV series in 2010 on ITV in the UK. Set in the fictional Yorkshire country estate of Downton Abbey between 1912 and 1926, the series followed the lives of the Crawley family and their domestic servants, often acknowledging real-world events of the era like the Titanic sinking and World War I. The hit series spanned six seasons before airing its final episode in 2015, and Downton Abbey stands among the most notable shows of the past decade..

In 2019, the first Downton Abbey movie adaptation was released. Serving as a sequel to the TV series, the movie brought back the same cast to reprise their roles from the show. Set in 1927, the movie depicts a visit by the King and Queen to the Crawley family home in the countryside, all the while with an assassin hoping to make a move. Fans were satisfied as the Downton Abbey movie was a big hit, scoring nearly $200 million at the box office and garnering positive reviews. Fans have been eager to see the sequel since it was confirmed to be in development in April.

Downton Abbey: A New Era will be released in theaters on March 18, 2022. As of now, there’s no word yet on when the teaser shown at CinemaCon will be released online for the rest of us to see. Until then, you can watch the original Downton Abbey series on Netflix. The news of the sequel getting its new release date and official title comes to us from https://twitter.com/DowntonAbbey/status/1430698043502829569|Downton Abbey on Twitter.

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