February 4, 2022
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Eternals Character Guide Reveals More About Marvel’s Cosmic Superheroes

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By: Mudit Chhikara

Marvel’s next superhero team-up movie, Eternals is due to release this November, and with less than three months left before it comes out, Marvel has stepped up their marketing efforts. Eternals first trailer debuted in May, but since then, there have been virtually no discussions about the movie. But that seems to be changing now as Marvel has begun hyping up Eternals. Entertainment Weekly has released an exclusive character guide for all ten Eternals who are featured in the movie. Eternals being relatively unknown characters even among hardcore Marvel fans, some insight into their personality and powers should help get the fans interested. Created by Jack Kirby, Eternals are a race of genetically engineered humanoids created by the all-powerful Celestials to defend the Earth. Read on to know more about the Eternals and check out the stunning character posters.

Sersi: Played by Gemma Chan, Sersi has the ability to manipulate non-sentient matter. She has a soft spot of mankind and lives among humans disguised as a museum curator in the modern-day. According to Kevin Feige, Sersi is the central character of Eternals, and a significant part of the story will revolve around her relationship with Ikaris (Richard Madden) and Dane Whitman (Kit Harrington). Chan previously portrayed Minn-Erva in 2019’s Captain Marvel. Here is what Chan said about her character.

“She can change things, and she’s sort of helped humanity along the way, in little ways. She’s interesting because she is this immortal being, but she’s very grounded as well. She’s a little bit of a free spirit and just loves being amongst humans.”

Ikaris: Game of Thrones alum Richard Madden plays Ikaris, one of the most powerful Eternals and the tactical leader of the group. He possesses the ability to fly and project cosmic energy beams from his eyes. While he has a complicated but intimate relationship with Sersi, they don’t have the same opinion regarding humanity. “There’s a deep level of romance in two people that have been around for thousands of years and yet still choose each other,” Madden says of their relationship. He’s also talked about his approach to playing an immortal. “I had to work out, how do you play someone who’s seen everything and done everything?”

Thena: Angelina Jolie’s casting came as a surprise to many when she came on board Eternals to play Thena. Her character is an elite warrior who can create any weapon using cosmic energy. Jolie underwent rigorous training in ballet and learned to use several weapons that Thena will be using over the course of the film. Being a filmmaker herself, Jolie found it difficult to wrap her head around the scale and scope of Eternals and has declared it the biggest thing that she’s ever done.

Ajak: Famed actress Salma Hayek portrays Ajak, a gender-swapped version of the comic book character. Ajak is the spiritual leader of the Eternals and sometimes acts as a mother figure. She can also communicate with the Celestials (the creators of Eternals). Hayek was surprised when Marvel approached her to star in the film. “Imagine in your 50s you get a call from this director that you’re crazy about, who says, ‘You’re going to be a superhero.'”, Hayek says.

Kingo: Kumail Nanjiani plays Kingo, an Eternal who can manipulate energy through his hands and shoot cosmic energy projectiles. Kingo is an Eternal who was a Japanese film star in the comics, but in the upcoming movie, his origin has been changed to that of a Bollywood actor. Kingo is another Eternal who likes the company of humans. Nanjiani worked hard to get his moves right for the Bollywood dance number for Eternals. A lifelong fan of the Bollywood movies, Nanjiani was very excited to join the cast of Eternals. He also beefed up considerably and shed his geeky and slender looks.

Phastos: Brian Tyree-Henry portrays Phastos. In simple terms, Phastos is the brains of the Eternals. He is a cosmic-powered inventor who secretly also helps humanity progress in the technological field. Also, Phastos will be MCU’s first openly gay character.

Sprite: Lia McHugh plays Sprite, an Eternal with the power to generate illusions. Sprite looks like a 12-year-old child but, in reality, is thousands of years old. McHugh reportedly performed her own stunts for the film.

Makkari: Lauren Ridloff is Makkari in Eternals. Described as the fastest being in all of Marvel universe, Makkari is has got cosmically powered super speed. Makkari in Eternals is also a gender-swapped version of the character in the comics and will also be deaf. Marvel’s first disabled superhero. Ridloff worked hard to get the body of a sprinter for the film.

Gilgamesh: Korean actor and former boxer, Don Lee best known for Train to Busan, plays Gilgamesh. Lee describes Gilgamesh as “extremely powerful and the strongest warrior of Eternals. He’s protective over his family and humans, and he has a solid, dependable character that serves his team in battles. At the same time, he’s a funny guy and has a sense of humor.” Gilgamesh is also romantically involved with Angelina Jolie’s Thena.

Druig: Lastly, we have Druig played by rising star Barry Keoghan. Druig can manipulate people’s minds. He has grown detached from the Eternals because of their interactions with mankind. Druig is a cousin of Ikaris in the comics and has many times been a villain.

Eternals also star Kit Harrington as Dane Whitman the Black Knight, Haaz Sleiman as Phastos’ husband, Ozer Ercan, Jashaun St. John, and Zain Al Rafeea. Co-written and directed by Oscar-winner Chloé Zhao, Eternals is set to release on 05 November 2021. A new trailer is rumored to be arriving in the following days, so keep watch. Whether Eternals will be released exclusively in theaters or simultaneously on Disney+ remains to be seen. It will probably depend on the performance of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which debuts only in theaters on September 03, 2021. Be sure to check it out. This news originated at Entertainment Weekly.

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