February 4, 2022
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Every Last One of Them Trailer: An Ex-Black Ops Soldier Wages War Against Junkie Drug Dealers

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By: Brandy Lynn Sebren

The new Every Last One of Them trailer has gifted us with another vigilante performance by Richard Dreyfuss alongside Paul Sloan, Michael Madsen and Taryn Manning. This makes the second movie this year to show us that the What About Bob? actor also has a ‘billy-bad-buns’ side to him. Bring it, Mr. Holland!

The official synopsis reads, “Desperate to find his missing daughter, Jake Hunter (Paul Sloan), tracks her last known whereabouts to a small desert town only to discover that the head of a deeply funded security firm (Jake Weber) and his vicious younger sister (Taryn Manning) are protecting a family secret that could potentially derail a billion dollar water deal between his boss and the US government. But as Jake uncovers the truth about his daughter’s whereabouts the answers become terrifyingly clear and he goes on a merciless quest for revenge bringing those responsible to justice — that is if his former black ops mentor (Richard Dreyfuss) can bring him in before wiping the town clean.”

See? ‘Back ops mentor’ is describing our Gordie Lachance all grown up, writer. I am loving that Richard Dreyfuss isn’t just dipping a toe into a new genre. He’s diving in! His new film Crime Story has Dreyfuss portraying a former mob boss who embarks on a deadly rampage of revenge after he becomes the target of a home robbery. However, when his family gets caught in the crossfire, he must finally face the consequences of his dark past.

Richard Dreyfuss is bouncing around genres, bringing us a western called Murder at Emigrant Gulch with Thomas Jane at his side. It tells the tale of a former slave who arrives in Emigrant Gulch, Montana, a desolate former boomtown now on the decline, looking for a place to call home. On that same day, a local prospector discovers gold – and is murdered.

<strong><em>Every Last One of Them</em></strong> poster

Richard Dreyfuss is pairing with Louis Goessett Jr. for A Scorched Earth, but that has no plot details, except to say it’s horror. The poster looks promising with the tagline, “2022 will be Hell on Earth.” He’s joining Billy Zane for Waltzing with Brando. The biopic follows Marlon Brando as he recruits a Los Angeles architect to build the world’s first ecologically perfect retreat on a small, uninhabitable island in Tahiti. Bill Fishman (Tapeheads) will be directing.

Richard Dreyfuss has also signed on to play Al in Nate & Al. Al Kaplan and his gang of wisecracking Holocaust Survivors plot to kidnap the Nazi war criminal before he is deported back to Lithuania. Nate, Al’s estranged grandson, is unwittingly lured into the plot, and his relationship with his grandfather begins.

So far, we’ve got a western, a horror flick, a drama, and he’ll even be joining Tan France in The Great Celebrity Bake Off. He’s also got a movie shelved called Killing Winston Jones starring Danny Glover, Jon Heder and Danny Masterson. It concerns Ethan Jones, a sixth-grade English teacher who is on a mission to get the newly constructed Junior High gymnasium named after his elderly father Winston, the old retired gym teacher, despite the fact that being dead is one of the requirements. Maybe one day…

Every Last One of Them hits theaters October 22.

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