April 27, 2022

Exclusive: In a New York Minute’s Celia Au and Ludi Lin Talk Filming Romance Drama

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By: Jericho Tadeo

Our interview is a reunion of sorts for actors Celia Au (Wu Assassins) and Ludi Lin (Mortal Kombat). Although they both star in Ximan “Mandy” Li’s In a New York Minute, Au and Lin really only share one scene together. Set in New York, the romance drama follows the intersecting storylines of three different Asian-American women as they navigate life and love in the big city: Amy (Amy Chang) is a food journalist who, fresh from a break-up, finds herself unable to eat or enjoy food; Angel (Yi Liu) is a budding actress who is unhappily married to an older and wealthy businessman (Erik Lochtefeld); and Nina is a young woman who works as an escort in order to support herself and save enough to finally escape the family that has been unkind towards her. Au leads the film’s third storyline as Nina, while Lin plays David, the young writer with whom Angel has a passionate affair.

Originally posted on Movie Web

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