February 2, 2022
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Grave Intentions Trailer Conjures Up an Anthology of Chills, Thrills and Kills for Halloween

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By: Brandon Novara

Halloween is always packed full of movie choices, some classic some funny and some brand new. Grave Intentions falls into the “new” category. But before we dive into the story, let’s take a look at the trailer first. The movie stars Beth Grant (Dollface, Child’s Play 2), Robert Forster (Twin Peaks : The Return, Mulholland Drive), Sharon Lawrence Rebel, Dynasty), and Lukas Hassel (The Blacklist). Grave Intentions is directed by Lukas Hassel, (segment The Son, the Father), Brian Patrick Lim (segment Marian), and Gabriel Olson (segment The Bridge Partner).

In this anthology a practitioner of the magical arts teaches the basics of her craft. The most important lesson? You must be mindful of your intention. Five of her customers are about to learn this the hard way: A woman looking to change her luck gets ensnared in a dangerous game; In the quest for justice, a man is transformed into a monster; In an attempt to right a wrong, a woman rescues a stray cat; A father and son are torn apart when a joke goes too far; A young girl needs protection from the demons in her life.

Grave Intentions premieres on digital October 15th 2021 from Terror Films. Originally the film was set to release last year, but like so many it fell victim to the pandemic and was pushed back,almost never came to life actually. The film has a run time of 88 minutes, which is a little short for these types of films but it might make it a better film to keep things from dragging out.

Halloween is a perfect time to tell stories in films like this and it certainly is not stranger to anthologies. Trick or Treat, Ghost Story, Creepshow, Trilogy of Terror and V/H/S are some of the ones that come to mind. It only makes sense that more of these films would pop up this time of year. It gives the viewer something different to look at with each Story and it gives the directors and writers a chance to be very creative within a short period of time. Almost like a limited series but in a movie format.

<strong><em>Grave Intentions</em></strong>

  • The title of the segments include:
  • • The Bridge Partner
  • • The Son and The Father
  • • Violent Florence
  • • Marian
  • • The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

Over the years even streaming service like Shudder have jumped into the style. The most recent came last year with the release of The Mortuary Collection. Most of these films have storyteller to guide you through the film. Typically that main character has an agenda or is truly behind the madness that we watch. We only have a short time to enjoy all the ghosts, murder, killings and mayhem before November creeps in so get to watching.

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