February 2, 2022
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Guy Ritchie’s Operation Fortune Teams Jason Statham & Aubrey Plaza for Hot Action This Winter

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By: Jon Fuge

Previously known as Five Eyes, Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham’s next action outing is now officially titled Operation Fortune, and will explode into theaters on January 21, 2022. Confirmed by the movie’s new Twitter account, the playful title Operation Fortune, as well as the leads Jason Statham and Aubrey Plaza, tells us all we need to know about what’s sure to be an unashamedly fun spy flick.

Operation Fortune finds Jason Statham as the superbly named Orson Fortune, a name so obviously brilliant that it has now been incorporated into the movie’s official title. Statham will no doubt be in typical gruff-talking, action hero territory as an MI6 guns-and-steel agent who is recruited by a global intelligence alliance to track down and stop the sale of a deadly new weapons technology that threatens to disrupt the world order. Reluctantly paired with a CIA high-tech expert, Fortune sets off on a globe-trotting mission where he will have to use all his charm, ingenuity, and stealth to track down and infiltrate billionaire arms broker.

Statham will be joined on his latest adventure by Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza, who will play the CIA high-tech expert who is paired with Statham’s MI6 Agent, with the pair no doubt butting heads to comedic affect. Plaza has since discussed working on the movie alongside the action superstar, with the actress jovially threatening to “destroy” The Stath on the big screen. “I cannot wait to shoot this movie,” she said. “I hope that it will allow me to be a bada** CIA agent with the ultimate bada**. There’s no one more bada** than Statham – and I’m coming for Statham. He better watch out. Because I’m going to destroy him, and he’s going to like it.”

Directed by Guy Ritchie, the supporting cast of Operation Fortune will be made up of Saw and The Princess Bride star Cary Elwes and rapper and The Gentlemen star Bugzy Malone, as well as Hugh Grant and Josh Hartnett, both of whom have worked under the direction of Ritchie in the past.

Ritchie and Statham last collaborated on the action thriller Wrath of Man, which was released earlier this year to mixed reviews. Statham stars in the movie as H, a new cash truck driver in Los Angeles whose thwarting of a robbery leads to his skillset with guns and mysterious past being questioned, and involves all the violence and steely gazes expected of The Stath.

“Guy and Jason have repeatedly impressed audiences with their collaborations, and we’re looking forward to bringing this production to the city of Doha, Qatar, a growing market in the entertainment and media space,” said Nasser Al-Khelaifi, chairman of Miramax-owner beIN Media Group. “This film marks our third collaboration with Guy Ritchie, adding to our expanding list of nearly 20 projects having been released or currently in production since beIN’s acquisition of Miramax – a testament to our continued success achieving the target goals we set forth for the studio’s evolution while remaining committed to prioritizing investments in innovative and culturally relevant films.”

Once again, Operation Fortune will hit theaters on January 21, 2022. This news originated at https://collider.com/guy-ritchie-five-eyes-release-date-jason-statham-aubrey-plaza/|Collider.

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