February 4, 2022

Intrusion Trailer Targets Freida Pinto for a Home Invasion on Netflix

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By: Alexander Navarro

Netflix has released an official first look at its upcoming thriller Intrusion, directed by Adam Salky and written by Christopher Sparling. Intrusion stars Frieda Pinto (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Immortals) and Logan Marshall-Green (The Invitation, Upgrade) as a couple who move to a small town. As someone is breaking into their brand new home late during the night, the intruder is shot by Marshall-Green’s character, which then traumatizes Pinto’s character due to the terrifying experience.

Revealed in the first trailer for the upcoming film, a young woman named Meera moves into a brand new home with her architect husband, Henry (who also remotely designed the home). Not long after settling into their new house, an intruder breaks in during the middle of the night. The intruder is eventually shot and presumably killed by Henry. This scary event then traumatizes Meera, who becomes increasingly suspicious of everyone around her, including her very own husband. It also seemsthat the home invasion was not a one-off, and there are several other missing person cases the intruder may also be involved with.

The official synopsis for Intrusion reads as, “When a husband and wife move to a small town, a home invasion leaves the wife traumatized and suspicious that those around her might not be who they seem. The upcoming Netflix thriller stars Freida Pinto as Meera, Logan Marshall-Green as Henry, Robert John Burke as Detective Stephen Morse, Megan Elisabeth as Christine Cobb, and Mark Sivertsen as Dylan Cobb. The act of asking too many questions can appear to be very dangerous, “Never ask questions you don’t want answered.” as stated in the trailer. It is strongly hinted that Meera’s husband, Henry, may be a suspect as well.

<strong><em>Intrusion</em></strong> poster

During a phone conversation with Decider, director Adam Salky provided some additional context for key scenes revealed in the first trailer. Adam Salky stated that he wanted to make sure the viewers know that Freida Pinto’s character, Meera, is a breast cancer survivor when we first meet her. “In the wake of her remission, Meera and Henry moved to a small town away from Boston to reconnect and start this new chapter in life where she’s healthy,” Salky then said. “When their house gets broken into twice in so many days, it makes Meera start to question why they moved to this place, and who the people around her really are. The movie is about the terrifying unknowability of people.”

Director Adam Salky was also aware of not revealing key spoilers for the upcoming film. He seemed to not want to discuss the Logan Marshall-Green character as much since the trailer reveals he is more than a little suspicious. “Meera realizes that a lot of the people around her have secrets. There’s a blind spot with the person you share a bed with that can be even scarier than cancer.” We also know that there seems to be a mystery plotline with Law and Order’s Robert John Burke as the lead detective on the case of the break-ins.

For the fans that are worried that the first official trailer has already given away too much of the upcoming film, director Adam Salky assures his viewers that there’s a lot more going on then what it already seems. Salky went on to say that its: “just the tip of the iceberg of the secrets that are revealed in this film. People are going to be, I think shocked, at where the story goes and what Meera ultimately learns when she starts unraveling the secrets of her relationship.” Intrusion will be available for streaming only on Netflix on September 22nd.

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