February 4, 2022
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James Gunn Clears Up Bloodsport Spin-Off Rumors, Will Idris Elba Return Soon?

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By: Anthony Lund

It is not often that someone can both debunk a rumor and further fuel it at the same time, but James Gunn managed to do that today when responding to a fan questioning whether we will be seeing a The Suicide Squad spin-off featuring Idris Elba’s Bloodsport. The director’s DC outing has already produced one series with John Cena’s Christopher Smith soon to be seen again in his Peacemaker series, and there have been a number of other characters rumored to be getting their own spin-offs as a result. When asked whether the rumors about Bloodsport getting his own show were true, Gunn had an interesting response.

“There is a possibility of seeing more #Bloodsport in the near future – something I’d love to see! – but there is nothing currently in development. So this story is false.”

While that clearly puts to rest the rumors that a series is already in development, it equally proves that there have been or indeed are discussions on-going about a potential side project for Robert DuBois, the man who shot and hospitalized Superman with a Kryptonite bullet. The Idris Elba character was a new introduction to the Suicide Squad team, but for a while in early production, there were many who believed that Elba was actually taking over the role of Deadshot when it was announced that Will Smith wouldn’t be taking part in the movie. Elba addressed the subject when speaking to Entertainment Tonight.

“Those rumors would be natural because Will said he wasn’t joining the second movie [The Suicide Squad], so it was quite natural for audiences or fans to think that I would be taking over the Deadshot character. Because the Deadshot character lived in the other movie,” Elba explained. “But I’m really satisfied that James didn’t want to do that, I didn’t want to do that. Deadshot is a great character, and Will slays it, so I was really keen the audience and fans kept that rumor going [laughs].”

The possibility of more to come from James Gunn’s group of anti-heroes is something that seems to have been on the cards even before the movie became a post-pandemic success, with many of the new additions to the cast of many, such as King Shark and Ratcatcher 2, becoming instant hits with the cinema-going audiences. Gunn has previously said that there are “ideas” for Suicide Squad 3 being floated around as well as a few different spin offs. With Warner Bros. eager to bolster their exclusive HBO Max DC content in the coming years, it is likely that along with spin-offs from upcoming movies such as The Batman, the Suicide Squad characters could well also be providing some of that content.

Speaking to ET previously, James Gunn said, “”I have all sorts of ideas, and we talk about it all the time. So I don’t feel like I’m done with this villain-verse yet.”, while some of the rumors around Bloodsport in particular have resulted in speculation about a Bloodsport v Superman prequel, but it looks like we are going to have a little wait to find out what exactly the next step in Gunn’s Suicide Squad ladder turns out to be.

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