April 27, 2022
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John Cena’s Coyote vs. ACME Movie Removed From Warner Bros. Release Schedule

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By: Anthony Lund

The Warner Bros. CinemaCon panel was expected to bring some new looks at the studio’s biggest offerings of the next year, but one of its recently announced movies was seemingly bumped to a much later date by the incoming Barbie movie. That film is the John Cena live-action/animated hybrid movie Coyote vs. ACME, which was only announced as being in development last month. At the time, the comedy movie, which sees the iconic cartoon character Wile E. Coyote suing ACME over their frequently dangerous and faulty products, was slated to arrive on July 21, 2023. That spot has now been taken and Cena’s movie has been marked as “Unscheduled.”

Originally posted on Movie Web

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