February 3, 2022

John Walsh Joins Manhunt for Gabby Petito’s Boyfriend on Investigation Discovery’s In Pursuit

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By: Jeremy Dick

Famous fugitive hunter John Walsh is joining in on the search for Brian Laundrie. Walsh, the former host of America’s Most Wanted, now hunts for criminals on the run in the Investigation Discovery series In Pursuit with John Walsh. On Wednesday night’s program, Walsh will highlight the heartbreaking case of Gabby Petito, and the goal is that the information will help bring in more tips to help the authorities locate Laundrie.

As of now, Laundrie is not a fugitive, as he has not been officially charged with a crime. He is considered a “person of interest” wanted for questioning over the disappearance and death of his girlfriend Gabby after returning home from a cross-country trip without her. A body believed to be that of Petito has since been found. Brian and his family were allegedly not cooperating with the police in the days after Gabby’s disappearance, and his lawyer recently announced that Laundrie is now missing. Despite a massive manhunt, investigators still have no solid leads on where he went.

Speaking about the case on News Nation’s Banfield, Walsh spoke about the case ahead of Wednesday’s deeper dive on In Pursuit with John Walsh. Walsh shares the criticisms he’s had for some of the ways the case was handled by the 911 operator along with the FBI, though he is particularly angry with the way Brian Laundrie’s family, whom he calls the “Dirty Laundries,” allegedly helped him get a head start on going on the lam. Determined to find Laundrie, the former host of America’s Most Wanted announced that he will be profiled at the top of the hour on the show.

“I’m settling up to catch this dirtbag… This is a homicide. This dirtbag is out there. I don’t know how he got out of the house with the FBI and local cops watching him day and night… You know what [the parents] did? They bought their son four extra days. They bought him four days. They bought him four days to get a head start. So this Wednesday night, I’m going to focus in on Brian, he’s going to be the top of the show on In Pursuit.”

In Pursuit with John Walsh premiered on Investigation Discovery in 2019. Since that time, the series has aided in the capture of 26 fugitives and the safe recovery of eight missing children. Over the course of his career, Walsh has captured around 1,400 fugitives, and it’s clear from this interview that he’s really hoping to have Brian Laundrie as the next “person of interest” found. As someone who personally lost a child to senseless violence, Walsh says he really feels for the Petito family. He also provided a tip line for anyone with information to call.

In Pursuit with John Walsh will delve into the killing of Gabby Petito and the subsequent disappearance of Brian Laundrie on Wednesday on Investigation Discovery. No tip is too insignificant, so anyone with any information that might help with the case is encouraged to call in to share anything they might know. Callers can remain completely anonymous. You can reach Walsh’s tip line at 833-378-7783 or you can send them anonymously at JohnWalsh.com.

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