February 3, 2022
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Johnny Depp Is Ready to Play Jack Sparrow at Kids’ Parties to Keep the Spirit Alive

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By: Brandy Lynn Sebren

While Johnny Depp continues to battle in the nation’s courts and the courts of public opinion, others have chosen to focus on his accomplishments in film, which must be a welcome respite from the onslaught of press surrounding Depp’s personal life. Yesterday, at the press conference held for the Donostia Award being given to Johnny Depp for his outstanding contribution in cinema at the San Sebastian Film Festival, he delves into his career choices and takes the opportunity to answer questions on cancel culture.

The audience was asked to refrain from questions not pertaining to his career, but Depp did not shy away as inevitably his answers couldn’t help but be colored by his recent troubles in his personal life. When The Pirates of the Caribbean star was asked about his character of Captain Jack Sparrow, he responded that he “will never leave” him that ‘Jack’ is always “ready to say stupid things to make people laugh.” Asked if he would like to portray the famous role again, the actor told reporters, “I suppose this is the positive side of having, in a strange way, given life to those characters like Captain Jack or whatever character-that I was lucky enough to locate and bring to life the beauty of Captain Jack Sparrow.”

“I’ll go to somebody’s house-man, I’ll perform at your kid’s birthday party at this point.” Speaking of visiting children as Jack, he says,” I don’t need a company to do that. I can just do that myself and nobody can take that away-that’s the greatest pleasure of Jack Sparrow. I can travel with Captain Jack in a box-literally Captain Jack in a box-and when the opportunity is right and I’m able to go and visit people and places where the smiles and the laughs and the things that are important the most important things in the world are on the line.”

After losing the much-publicized libel case against ‘The Sun’ in 2020, over an article that labeled him ‘a wife-beater,’ the organizers of the San Sebastian Film Festival were asked about their controversial decision of presenting the actor an outstanding contribution award next month. They responded that the actor hasn’t been convicted “of any form of violence against women.”

José Luis Rebordinos, director of the San Sebastián International Film Festival, further explained the decision to honor Depp at the festival and admitted that he and his fellow organizers hadn’t anticipated the backlash. “We anticipated a debate, a reaction, but maybe not as heightened as it has been. But let’s bear in mind Johnny Depp has not been arrested, charged nor convicted of any form of assault or violence against any woman.”

“I have nothing else to add. It’s not my place to judge what he is like in life, the same way I don’t know if historically the award has been given to people with an immaculate personal life. The award is given to honor a professional career.” Rebordinos has said that Depp has “been a pleasure to deal with as a professional,” adding: “He is an extremely talented actor, something he has proved from his work with Tim Burton to the Pirates Of The Caribbean saga, from his work with Marlon Brando and many other great names in the film industry to interesting choices as a producer.” You can watch the entire press conference here.

This news comes from https://www.screendaily.com/features/san-sebastian-festival-director-talks-covid-measures-gender-equality-and-johnny-depp/5163401.article|ScreenDaily.

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