February 2, 2022
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Kevin Smith to Star in Nickelodeon’s Warped! as Himself

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By: Anthony Lund

The idea of Kevin Smith appearing on a Nickelodeon show seems like something that a group of friends would come up with in a conversation about the most unlikely places for Kevin Smith to appear, but that is exactly what is about to happen as the Clerks creator will be appearing in Nickelodeon’s new comedy Warped! as himself. The series is a live-action comedy in the setting of a comic book store, and Smith confirmed his role in the show during his latest FatMan Beyond LIVE podcast, but was quick to point out that he probably shouldn’t be talking about it.

“I got to play myself, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this yet,” Kevin Smith said. “It is a show set in a comic book store. F-cking adorbs man and they asked me to come be in it and stuff. Again, I don’t know if I’m spoiling sh-t but, I got to- Here let me leave it at this. I went to the set of Warped! and being a guy that owns a comic book store that f-cking set was accurate as f-ck, very on point. I was sitting there going like, I told the creators, ‘I’m so mad, I should have created this show. Like why the f-ck didn’t I think to set a show in a comic book store, I love this sh-t.’ I always tell the good ideas by ‘That should have been me!'”

Co-host Marc Bernardin did cut in to point out that Smith had actually had his hand in a show just like that with Comic Book Men, a reality show for AMC, leading Smith to comment: “That was reality, if only I’d written a script. It looks good, the episode I’m in is very funny. Again, I hope I didn’t f-ck their plans. I got a big f-cking mouth…I had a good time, it was such a fun f-cking thing to do. I told them I live so close you could write me into every episode, they were like ‘hahaha,’ and I was like, ‘No I’m f-cking serious.’ Now probably after this they’re like, ‘You’re never coming back you spoiling f-ck.'”

Warped! currently has no scheduled release date, but tells the story of Milo, who joins forces with new co-worker Ruby to create the world’s best graphic novel while working at the titular comic book store. The 13 episode series was ordered back in March this year and the series stars Kate Godfrey as Ruby and Anton Starkman as Milo, who are described respectively as “an outgoing and impulsive pop culture nerd whose encyclopedic knowledge of comic books makes her irreplaceable as the newest hire at Warped!” and “the intelligent and responsible leader of the comic book shop who is constantly using his creativity to keep him and Ruby out of trouble.”

As if Kevin Smith isn’t busy enough, with the post-production work going on with Clerks III and the final touches being put on the second half of his Masters of the Universe series, it looks like he is still happy to get on the small screen, and as he said, being the owner of a comic book store, you have to say that Warped! seems like the perfect choice for him to appear in. Credit for Smith’s quotes above goes to https://comicbook.com/tv-shows/news/kevin-smith-reveals-playing-himself-nickelodeon-warped-series/|ComicBook.com.

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