February 2, 2022
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LEGO’s Titanic Set Is the Company’s Largest Ever with 9,090 Pieces

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By: Jeremy Dick

The people at LEGO have outdone themselves once again with the all-new Titanic set revealed by the company. The largest LEGO set ever with a total of 9,090 pieces, the buildable Titanic comes with moving parts that will allow you to raise and lower the anchor along with turning the propellers to spin the engines. Of course, you can also feel free to put a Lego person on the front of the boat while uttering the phrase, “I’m king of the world!”

Measuring over 53 inches long, this unique LEGO set is recommended for ages 18 and up. It divides into three sections to showcase its interiors, providing detailed looks at the grand staircase, boiler room, smoking lounge, and other locations you may recognize from the Titanic movie. Features like the ship’s bridge, promenade deck, and swimming pool have also been faithfully recreated. Once it’s built, it can be displayed with an included stand and name plate.

“Build a stunning LEGO model version of the world’s most famous ocean liner with this LEGO Titanic 10294 model set. With over 9,000 pieces, this set offers a building challenge to savor,” the company says of the new set. “Faithfully recreate the historical details of the Titanic in this 1:200 scale ship model. Authentic details include over 300 portholes, the iconic bridge, lifeboats, benches, cargo crane, and more.”

The tragic story of the famous passenger liner’s sinking was brought to life on the big screen in James Cameron’s blockbuster hit movie Titanic. Released in 1997 and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, the movie introduced two fictional characters who fall in love on the boat before their romance ends in tragedy. It is one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, and with rereleases factored in, the movie has earned more than $2 billion to date. It was by far one of the most popular movies of the 1990s and it has since been reported that a Titanic replica will soon set sail.

“For the movie Titanic, we unearthed every known photograph, poured over architectural drawings and built our ship rivet by rivet, making sure everything was in its rightful place, as was known back in 1996,” James Cameron previously told USA Today, noting the efforts undertaken for maximum accuracy.

Perhaps the other sets released by LEGO in recent years haven’t had as many pieces as the Titanic, but the company has been putting out some other amazing products for adult builders feeling nostalgic for the 1990s. Another popular set is of the Seinfeld apartment featuring miniature Lego figurines of each of the sitcom’s main characters. It’s filled with references to the show for fans to set up certain scenes if they choose to do so. This follows a Central Perk set with LEGO versions of the main characters from Friends.

LEGO’s Titanic set is available for pre-order, but don’t expect it to come cheap. The biggest-ever LEGO set (as of 2021, anyway) is listed at $629.99 on the company’s official web store. It will be officially released on Nov. 1, 2021. You can find out more information about the set and see more images at https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/lego-titanic-10294|LEGO.com.

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