February 2, 2022
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Loch Ness Monster Allegedly Spotted in New Drone Footage

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By: Jeremy Dick

A lot of people are talking after the famous Loch Ness Monster was possibly captured on video. The alleged sighting stems from a lengthy video posted to YouTube by a British outdoorsman who’d been recording a long-distance charity canoe trip through Scotland’s Loch Ness. At one point, drone footage records the outline of what looks a lot like the sea creature just below the waterline. You can see it in the video below starting soon after the 3:50 mark, but it might take maximizing the screen and looking closely.

“The last thing I want to do is make a Nessie claim,” Richard Mavor, who uploaded the video, told The New York Post. “I’m the most skeptical of people. But watching this I think yeah, there’s something a bit strange here.”

Mavor says he didn’t initially notice Nessie when he first uploaded the video on Sept. 1. It was about a week later when a comment on the YouTube video noted, “4 mins waters edge, the ripples look like Nessie.” At the time, Mavor brushed it off by responding, “Must be a trick of the light/waves.” But as he continued to watch back the footage, Mavor found himself feeling more convinced they may have actually found the mythical Scottish Monster.

“I had to rewind and fast-forward several times,” Mavor said, failing to think of another explanation. “That’s what’s confused me. It’s an inland water, you don’t get tidal debris like you do on the coast. Things do wash up, but nothing the size of this.”

Of course, Richard Mavor did not head to Loch Ness unaware of the famous legend of a dinosaur-like sea creature swimming around deep below the surface. His group was even traveling with a bright green Nessie plush to essentially serve as the “mascot” of their expedition through Loch Ness. Mavor says it was called the “Nessie Award” and was given to the person who “made the biggest fool of themselves” each day. He also jokes that “maybe the real Nessie just wanted to get a closer look.”

In another interview with the Daily Record, Mavor explained, “I couldn’t believe it. I had to rewind the footage several times and have watched it several times since. I don’t know what it is but it certainly has the same shape as previous sightings of Nessie. The more I watch it I think ‘crikey!’ there really wasn’t anything in the area that could be. There was no driftwood or anything like that so who knows. We had just parked up and I thought I would get some nice shots on the beach for my YouTube. I didn’t notice what I had picked up until others told me to watch out for it. It could be a trick of the light but we can’t be sure.”

Alleged sightings of a large, long-necked sea creature in Loch Ness and the Scottish Highlands date back centuries. Over the past several decades, new stories of sightings have persisted, but Nessie has yet to be undeniably confirmed to exist. As is the case with Bigfoot, there are many who believe in Nessie and have formed groups dedicated to tracking down the elusive monster. Last summer, a new image allegedly of the Loch Ness Monster went viral, keeping the tradition of continued sightings alive. This news comes to us from https://nypost.com/2021/09/25/loch-ness-monster-spotted-again-this-time-on-drone-footage/|The New York Post.

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