April 27, 2022

Man of Steel’s General Zod Returns in The Flash Movie

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By: Anthony Lund

Anything Marvel does, DC is usually not too far behind. That fact is very much the case with big-screen multiversal adventures. While the two comic book franchises have a long history of releasing similar characters only years, or in some cases months, apart, something similar has been happening in their cinematic adaptations as well, but with Marvel constantly just one step ahead. This time around, DC is trailing behind Marvel when it comes to the multiverse, but now in The Flash movie, the DCEU is looking to repeat the success of the likes of Spider-Man: No Way Home by leaning into the past of the Warner Bros. superhero catalog in ways no one ever anticipated. Along with the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman and the introduction of a new Super Girl in Sasha Calle, CinemaCon has revealed that Man of Steel’s Michael Shannon will be reprising his role as General Zod for the movie.

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