February 3, 2022

NECA Celebrates IT Anniversary with New Pennywise Figure That Includes 10 Terrifying Heads

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By: Anthony Lund

Marking the fourth anniversary of the 2017 remake of Stephen King’s IT, NECA have announced one of their most elaborate Pennywise action figures, and indeed one of the most elaborate in their entire horror figure collection spanning the last decade. While the company have released various iterations of King’s iconic killer clown, both based on the 2017 Bill Skarsgard version and the Tim Curry version from the 1990 mini series, all of which are based on certain aspects to the movie and include head sculpts and accessories to those ends.

NECA made the announcement on their social media pages, where they continuously update on new items and special pre-order windows for their never ending collections of movie based figures. On their Instagram page they posted a number of photos of the new addition, commenting, “Today is the Anniversary of 2017’s IT, and to celebrate, we’re giving you a peek at “The Many Faces of Pennywise” with updated digital printing on all 10 terrifying faces. Be on the lookout for more details later this fall!”

The new version of the figure that was unveiled today offers the same white suited sculpt that has formed the basis of pretty much all of these sets, but along with alternative hands and some accessories, what sets this version apart from the others in the NECA arsenal is that it comes with ten different head variations. Aptly called The Many Faces of Pennywise, the set brings together pretty much every scenario you could want, whether you collect these to look neat in a box – which the window packaging allows for – or if you want to photograph your own Pennywise scenes. For anyone late to the party on the NECA Pennywise collection, this is probably the prefect way to cover most of your bases, including the Clown’s presence in IT Chapter Two.

The Many Faces of Pennywise Action Figure NECA

NECA have promised more information on the pack soon, but as most of these items are pre-order releases, we are likely not going to see these arrive on shelves for a good six months, which would pretty much coincide with their new fabric clothed Chucky and Tiffany Bride of Chucky set which was also announced today and is set for release in March. If you would like to add this version of Pennywise then make sure to keep an eye on NECA’s social media pages for updates.

While the new arrival was welcomed by many, as you would expect this is not the kind of thing that comes along and pleases everyone. With many previous versions of the figure being sold out, and collectors having resorted to paying increased prices on eBay and such second hand markets, it is fair to say that some people were not entirely pleased to now have the chance to gain so many variants in one swoop. Others pointed out that the release seemed to also be targeting completists who will feel compelled to buy the new version despite owning 90% of the contents from other sets. Nobody said the life of a toy collector was easy.

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