February 2, 2022
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Nightwing Draws in Aladdin Star Mena Massoud Despite His Batman Obsession

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By: Jeremy Dick

After bringing the live-action Aladdin to life for Disney, Mena Massoud hopes to take on the role of Nightwing in the DCEU. As a fast-rising star in Hollywood, it might just be a matter of time before we see Massoud make his way to a major superhero franchise. In a new interview with Screen Rant, Massoud explains how he’d pick the role of Nightwing if it were up to him, as Batman’s pretty much already been spoken for.

“I’ve been obsessed with Batman, but I think Batman’s kind of… it’s been done a lot now and it’s been done by some fantastic actors. I don’t think I can top them in that way, but Nightwing just has a really interesting story [that] hasn’t been done before, he’s a little bit younger. So yeah, he’s a character I’ve just always been drawn to.”

Mena Massoud is certainly best known for his starring role in Disney’s live-action Aladdin remake which was released in movie theaters in 2019. There has been talk of a sequel getting developed which would bring Massoud back as Aladdin, and he’s hoping the rest of the cast will also return. Currently, Massoud is working on the upcoming romance movie The Royal Treatment with Laura Marano. He is also known for his roles in the TV shows Reprisal and Jack Ryan.

There have been various incarnations of the Nightwing character in DC Comics stories. He is typically depicted as the superhero alter ego of Dick Grayson after he gives up the Robin name to fight crime solo. Other characters from DC lore have also taken on the name in different continuities, such as Jason Todd and even Superman’s adopted son Chris Kent. Nightwing has also consistently been featured in various animated projects by DC.

Chris O’Donnell played a live-action Dick Grayson in Batman & Robin, and while he wore the Nightwing costume, he still went by the name of Robin. The character has yet to really make a big impact on the big screen in a live-action DCEU project, but there has been talk of a Nightwing movie entering development at the studio. In 2018, it was reported that Chris McKay (The Lego Batman Movie, The Tomorrow War) would direct the movie with Bill Dubuque (The Accountant) writing the script. The current status of this project isn’t entirely clear, but it seems to be spinning its wheels in development hell.

Nightwing is still a movie that I really want to do,” McKay told Variety over the summer. “I love the character of Dick Grayson as a young adult, becoming his own kind of superhero character. That was gonna be a father and son story and also a revenge movie, which I was really excited about because there’s a lot going on in that script. It was gonna be really primal and pared down and like a real red meat movie in the best way.”

Revealing that Warner Bros. still had yet to formally greenlight the movie, Chris McKay added: “I hope that it’s something that we can still make. It has not been a priority these days; I’m hoping that it will become the priority soon. That’d be my favorite thing to come out of all of this stuff.”

If Nightwing is a go, expect Mena Massoud to be throwing his name in the hat when it comes to casting the role. This news comes to us from https://screenrant.com/nightwing-dceu-movie-cast-mena-massoud-response/|Screen Rant.

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