January 31, 2022
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Peter Jackson Shares Update on Dead Alive and Bad Taste 4K Restorations

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By: Anthony Lund

Many years before Lord of The Rings turned Peter Jackson into one of the greatest and most ambitious directors in Hollywood, he was a budding filmmaker in New Zealand making some low-budget splatter movies in what he refers to as his “Naughty Years” that are still loved among horror aficionados. When he was just starting out, the movies Bad Taste, Meet The Feebles and the Evil Dead-esque Dead Alive aka Braindead brought him to the attention of the world, and ultimately put him on a path that, in a huge leap of faith, would see New Line Cinema hand him the keys to the kingdom with the chance to direct Lord of The Rings. While the movies have made it as far as being released on DVD, they have not yet seen a Blu-ray release, but according to the director they are not far off.

Originally posted on Movie Web

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