February 3, 2022
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Quentin Tarantino Inspired Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho Title

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By: Ross Tanenbaum

Last Night in Soho is an intriguing title for director Edgar Wright’s upcoming horror movie. It doesn’t exactly strike fear in people, but it does invite curiosity for what it means. However, the inspiration for Wright’s new film didn’t come to him in a vision or dream. It actually loosely came from his fellow filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino.

In an interview with Total Film, Wright revealed that Tarantino introduced him to a song titled, Last Night in Soho, written in 1968 by a band named Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. The band was featured in Tarantino’s 2007 film Death Proof.

According to Collider, the song came up during a conversation about Death Proof in which Wright said Tarantino called the song the “best title music for a film that’s never been made.” Wright’s upcoming film takes place during the 1960’s so the choice for this song makes sense. Whether it actually ends up being used in the film is anyone’s guess.

Edgar Wright stated that he initially wanted to title the film “Red Light Area,” but decided against it because “it neared too closely to a movie titled Red Lights, starring Cillian Murphy.” He decided to stick with his Tarantino-inspired name.

“Quentin was deep into Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, so I hadn’t really had time to tell him,” Wright said. “And then it was in the trades. I said, ‘Hey, did you hear what my movie’s called?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I read it.’ I said, ‘Are you annoyed with me?’ He goes, ‘You know what? Only you could make that movie.’ I said, ‘Well, I’m going to thank you on the end credits for giving me the song.’ He goes, ‘OK, but I’ve got to fess up now. What I said about it being the best end-credits song for a movie that doesn’t exist, is something that [writer, director, producer] Allison Anders used to say. So if you credit me, you’ve also got to credit her.’ So on the thanks list, A to T, Allison Anders and Quentin Tarantino are the first and last people thanked.”

Wright also shared in a tweet that after he had informed Anders of her role in inspiring him, she sent him a vinyl of “Last Night in Soho,” which he now has displayed in his home. Wright has been bringing his passion for music to his own projects as he recently directed T he Sparks Brothers documentary. His last film, Baby Driver, combined action with an epic soundtrack to create a fully unique experience.

Last Night in Soho is directed by Wright who is also the co-writer along with Krysty-Wilson Cairns. The film stars Thomasin McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, and the late Diana Rigg. The film is a psychological thriller about a young fashion designer who begins having visions of the 1960’s where she encounters a dazzling singer. However, these dreams soon become nightmares as the demons of the past begin to haunt those who remain. Last Night in Soho opens in theaters on Oct. 29.

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Originally posted on Movie Web

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