February 4, 2022

Red Notice Trailer: Dwayne Johnson Unites the World’s Most Wanted Criminals on Netflix

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By: Jon Fuge

The trailer for Red Notice is here, and assembles Hollywood heavy-hitters Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Diamantopoulos for a big budget action extravaganza courtesy of Netflix. Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, the project is one of the streaming giant’s biggest investments to date, with fans excited to see the A-list trio unite for what’s sure to be an exciting, globe-trotting heist.

As expected, the tailer focusses on our central trio, with each actor doing what they do best. Dwayne Johnson is once again a walking bicep, stretching out his wardrobe and looking rather self-serious. Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot continues to charm her way through every scenario whilst demonstrating her action chops. And Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds is quick to reach for a quip and a joke at every opportunity.

Coming courtesy of Central Intelligence and Skyscraper director Rawson Marshall Thurber, Red Notice will drop audiences into the world of international crime. The title refers to when INTERPOL issues a Red Notice, a global alert to hunt down and capture the world’s most wanted art thief. Gal Gadot will be taking on the role of the art thief, while Johnson is the INTERPOL agent, and world’s greatest tracker, sent to bring her in.

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“I’ve been tracking your scores for a while now,” Johnson’s character, FBI profiler Agent John Hartley says in the trailer, in a line of dialogue that should tell you everything you need to know about this particular Netflix outing. “Every city, every heist. Now that you’ve been tagged with red notices, you’ve become the world’s most wanted criminals. And I’m the only one who can bring you in.”

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Gadot enters proceedings as the world’s greatest art thief, with Ryan Reynolds joining as the world’s greatest con-artist (because they all have to be the world’s greatest, of course), with the trailer teasing all manner of fights, chases, and dramatic prison breaks and various other high-stakes high-jinks.

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The assembling of such big-name stars is sure to be a major draw for audiences eager to watch Red Notice, with director Rawson Marshall Thurber well aware of the talents at his disposal. “I mean, talk about charisma,” the filmmaker said recently of the Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds team. “So what does happen when you get Deadpool, Wonder Woman, and Black Adam in the immediate vicinity of one another? “I feel very, very fortunate. It’s a little bit like directorial cheating, having all three of them together in the same frame. Chemistry is just not a function of writing or even directing – it’s a function of casting. You either have it or you don’t. And those guys have something special.”

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Universal Pictures had originally purchased distributing rights to Red Notice and had scheduled the movie for release on November 13, 2020. However, on July 8, 2019, when Universal did not agree to the proposed budget, Netflix were more than happy to swoop in and take over, with the movie expected to be one of Netflix’s most popular releases. Red Notice is due for release on Netflix on November 12, 2021.

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