February 4, 2022
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Schumacher Documentary Trailer Brings the Racing Icon to Netflix This September

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By: Qasim Hasnain

Michael Schumacher is regarded as one of, if not the, best of drivers in the long history of Formula One. With his seemingly unbreakable records just being broken by Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton, many still regard Michael Schumacher as the best driver ever, and those same fans went nuts when Netflix announced a documentary on Schumacher. Releasing on September 15, 2021, Formula One fans all over the globe have marked their calendars for the day. With sports documentaries becoming better and better by the passing year, taking Drive To Survive,and All Or Nothing as prime examples, there should be no reason as to why fans do not expect this documentary to achieve the same feat.

Schumacher contains never before seen footage from the life of Michael Schumacher, and features interviews from friends and family, as well as Formula One colleagues, such as Sebastian Vettel, Jean Todt, Mika Hakkinen, Damon Hill and even David Coulthard. Starting off with Schumacher in the famous red Ferrari at one of the most iconic tracks in history, Monaco, while briefly narrating his passion for perfection, before cutting off to highlight his humble past, where his father narrates the struggles Michael had to go through, to convert passion to profession, by using used tires from the go-karts of other racers, and winning races on those used tires, something truly special.

Voice-overs and interviews from his friends and family, including his children, and most noticeably, his son Mick, who himself has debuted into F1 this season, in the HAAS F1 team, keeping his father’s legacy alive, feature heavily. Then, the trailer cuts to business, with a dramatic shift in the music and tone of the trailer, briefly mentioning previous F1 legends such as Prost and Senna, and highlighting his hands-on approach and attitude in his work. The trailer then shows a montage of both his races and his personal life, including brilliant moves on opponents, and him dancing with friends and family. The trailer ends with him doing his iconic podium jump before cutting to the title, and the same onboard camera that we saw at the start of the trailer, at Monaco, before the trailer ends with the amazing sound of his Ferrari.

<strong><em>Schumacher</em></strong> poster

With the release date purposely chosen to match his debut day in Formula One, the documentary looks to be focused on not only who he was as a driver, but also a man, a husband and a father, something which was greatly appreciated. Amassing an unbelievable 91 wins throughout his career, with seven world championships, most by any driver in history, on par with Lewis Hamilton, who seems intent on breaking the record, the filmmakers have confirmed that the documentary includes never seen before footage, and interviews, something which fans desperately look forward to, after the Schumacher family going rather private, following his ski incident, leaving Michael with severe injuries, from which, he is still in recovery.

With his fans preaching messages of hope to their hero, and his legacy at Ferrari unmatched, Fans hope that Schumacher will be a much needed documentary to the new wave of Formula One fans, who are relatively younger, and were not fortunate enough to see Schumacher winning races in real time. Until the release fans only wait, with this Netflix trailer to hold on to, and with a strong, loud, and powerful message. #KeepFightingMichael.

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