February 3, 2022
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Stand by Me Meets South Park in Mashup That Has Jerry O’Connell Asking: ‘Why Am I Cartman?’

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By: Brandy Lynn Sebren

While these two things go together like toothpaste and orange juice, the mashup brought fans of both Stand By Me and South Park together to rejoice in their adoration of both. Jerry O’Connell woke up yesterday, doing his JOC thing, opens his Insta, while eating his avocado toast, and finds this.

He had questions. “WHO DID THIS AND WHY AM I CARTMAN?” Will Wheaton chimed in about the South Park mashup with, “OH MY GOD THEY KILLED GORDIE!” While Justin Long, who’s shared a long time bromance with Jerry and has repeatedly waxed poetic of Stand By Me, stayed true to both source materials with his quip. “Shouldn’t Ray Brower be Kenny? ????”

Jerry O’Connell should be soothed to know that most fans agreed that, “This is awesome. But I think Vern’s Kenny and Teddy is Cartman. Vern was way too nice to be Cartman…” Or the sentiment, “Because we respect your authority ????” Or saucier comments to give Jerry a consolation boost like, “???????? awww come on @mrjerryoc he does refer to himself as a “BEEFCAKE” after all….”

I haven’t seen Corey Feldman comment, yet, but he might be busy selling Stand By Me Teddy ears. They’re out there, folks.

But the blue ribbon for best comment goes to the perfect answer as to why Jerry should be Cartman with the perfectly matched dialogue from amycarm78: “Screw you guys.” Congratulations, Amy! I’m sending that imaginary ribbon out with today’s mail. And now I have that song stuck in my head and have grinned at my screen watching this clip more than three (but less than twenty) times.

With 35 years having passed since Stand By Me melted our hearts, he obviously knows there is absolutely no way we will surrender our Stand By Me fan club memberships, but does he still have to endure this?

He does. Because we all love Vern. We love Gordie. We love Chris. We love Teddy. And from the endless comments from his fans, he can count on us to keep the Stand By Me appreciation train chugging. (Frantic teen cussing is in this one. They’re outrunning a speeding train, what do you expect?!)

It is no secret around here that my JOC love is borderline troubling. How do you think this O’Connell post worked out for me?

I had wallpaper made for my bedroom. It all began with that film. When you hear Richard Dreyfuss say that Vern’s life didn’t amount to much, it’s heartbreaking. Don’t you rejoice in seeing Vern grow up to be the Jerry O’Connell loving his life? I know it’s a movie! But it still feels good. And if you think that Stand By Me didn’t have an impact on Jerry O’Connell, let him tell you his experience. Grab the tissues. He needed some.

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