July 7, 2022

Star Wars: Why Did Leia Stop Her Jedi Training?

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By: Molly Katz

After the first Jed Temple was constructed on Ach-To, the Jedi Order dedicated themselves to preserving the Sacred Texts and living a life outlined by the Light Side of the Force. Their mission was to guard the Old Republic and instill themselves as the guardians of peace. The acts of martyrs from the Jedi required great amounts of selflessness as the galaxy’s most war-torn conflicts divided planets. The Clone Wars required that they assumed militia roles and assigned themselves as Generals when defending the Galactic Republic. Their tireless efforts to uphold peace throughout the cosmos resulted in some Jedi questioning if they were truly following the Way. George Lucas’ inspiration for his Jedi Knights was pulled from the tales of samurai and heavy influences from religious devotees. Strong similarities to Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism can be found in Star Wars’ “warrior monks” as they structured their state of being around the law of the Jedi Code. Complete trust in the Force and the willingness to abide by the Jedi Code’s preaching were internalized by the Jedi. Much like practices followed by the Dalai Lamas that “attachments go hand-in-hand with anger and hatred,” the Jedi were expected to forego emotional attachments. A tiered structure dictated the hierarchy of the Jedi Order and allowed Force-sensitive beings to move through its ranks and ensured that the Jedi would be without end.

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