February 4, 2022

Stranger Things Star Hints at Bigger, Darker Season 4

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By: Anthony Lund

We may have heard quite a bit from David Harbour about Stranger Things season 4, which he was happy to tease during his Black Widow promotional tour, but co-star Gaten Matarazzo has been hinting at a more “mature” feel to the new season in an interview recently, and now Natalia Dyer has been revealing a little more about the “darker” things to come in the fourth season in an interview with W Magazine. While she couldn’t go into too much detail for obvious reasons, she was certainly able to hint at how the new season is going to look.

“I can’t say much. It’s bigger, it’s darker, and it’s gonna be great. [Laughs] It’s such a hard question. I’m like, ‘I can say that,’ but then I’m like, ‘Oh, can I?’ I’m not sure … You know, we kind of pick up a bit after where we left off. [Laughs] I really have been saying the most generic things. They put us in a really tough spot. I say this every season, but I really am excited. I think the cast and crew are, too-we’re all amazed that despite everything, we were able to keep working. And I will say, I’ve really come to admire the ‘kids’ on our show. They’re not kids anymore.”

She continued, “And there have been bigger and crazier things happening in every season since the first. I’m partially so excited about this one because the way we shot it feels so different, so stretched out, you know? There’s stuff we filmed a year and a half ago, which is kind of crazy to still be working on it-like, ‘What did we shoot? That was so long ago.’ I’m really curious to see it, though it’ll be a while. We don’t know when, but of course, you edit after you wrap, so it’ll be a minute.”

While at one point it was believed that season 3 would be the final run of the show, and for a moment the end of Jim Hopper, season four’s announcement came as a welcome surprise, and now there is already talk about a potential fifth season also being in consideration. With a huge gap between the airing of season 3 and season 4 due to the Covid pandemic, it is fair to say that viewer numbers are going to be huge when the new episodes finally arrive next year, pretty much securing that fifth and probably final season.

Producer Shawn Levy recently spoke to Collider about the show’s future and how “the end is in sight.”

“I have the end in sight. The [Duffer] brothers have the end in sight. There is a plan and that too will be shared not quite as soon as a sense of when Season 4 is coming out, but soon enough. I can say this. No, one’s making it up as we go along and there is an endgame, if you will,” Levy said.

The new season of Stranger Things will finally be arriving on Netflix in early 2022.

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