February 3, 2022
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Sung Kang Thinks Fast & Furious Franchise Needs to Go R-Rated

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By: Anthony Lund

Hollywood is well known for going with the “if it ain’t broke” way of working when it comes to their biggest money-spinning movie franchises – well, unless they are rebooting them and then anything goes – so after churning out nine Fast and Furious movies with a PG-13 rating, is there any chance that we could see the high octane film series end it’s run in an R-rated finale? Probably not likely, but Sung Kang would certainly like to see a darker outing for the Fast gang before the franchise is put to bed.

The actor, who will return as Han in Fast & Furious 10, wants to see the family friendly rating ditched for a little while even if that means a spin-off movie. While it has been well documented that the main Fast franchise is going to end with a double-header, there is little chance of the studio deciding to cut out a huge portion of the audience that has come back to the series again and again, but with many of the original fans of the movies now being almost a decade older, perhaps a future iteration would be able to capitalise on that. Kang certainly wouldn’t mind if that were the case, as he said in an interview with ScreenRant.

“I’d like to see the Fast films, at least one of them, go rated R,” Sung Kang said while discussing the home release of F9. “Go super dark, to see where that could go. I don’t know which character that’s going to be, somebody has to go dark, really dark. And maybe it would be cool to see.”

As suggested, if the franchise was going to take a darker turn, then it is likely that this would involve one character branching out of the franchise, similar in a way to how Harley Quinn came out of the family orientated original Suicide Squad into her own R-rated adventure and then James Gunn’s similarly R-rated The Suicide Squad. The final two movies in the main saga are to be directed by Justin Lin and will see a true end come to to Dom Toretto’s story, and that is something that everyone wants to be the biggest Fast movie of them all.

“The idea of the last chapter being two films is correct,” Lin said in an interview with Collider. “I have to say, I’m so glad – because I think when I first entered this franchise, a sequel was not a given. You had to earn it, you know? And so to be sitting here talking to you and go, ‘Oh yeah, there’s gonna be two more movies!’ I’m like, ‘Wow.’ It means a lot. So, every day when I wake up, I’m trying to reconfigure and make sure hopefully whatever we’re talking about process wise is gonna yield the best result. But I think having one chapter in two movies is correct. That’s where I sit today.”

Once those final two movies roll out, there is no telling what the future holds for the Fast franchise, but with numerous avenues being explored as potential next steps, we could yet see that R-rated movie that Kang would certainly like to be part of.

F9 is currently the third highest grossing movie of the year at cinemas having been overtaken by Shang-Chi last weekend, and the saga now looks to capture its chunk of the home video market with its Blu-ray and DVD releases. This news originated at hhttps://screenrant.com/fast-furious-sung-kang-r-rated-spinoff-response/|ScreenRant.

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Originally posted on Movie Web

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