February 2, 2022

Teen Wolf Star Tyler Posey Reveals Why He’s Excited for the Movie Revival

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By: Anthony Lund

It has been a few weeks since the official announcement was made that the MTV series Teen Wolf was about to be returning on the big screen, with series creator Jeff Davis and the show’s cast all in talks to return following their involvement in the 100 episodes that made up the hit show. Lead actor Tyler Posey, who took on the role of Scott McCall, the character played in a very different way by Michael J. Fox in the 80s comedy movie that the series took inspiration from, has now spoken about returning to the character, and acknowledged that it will be exciting to see what happens to the character now he is too old for school.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Tyler Posey said, “I’m just excited to play this character again. I miss him, I love him. We were in high school for what seemed like 10 years. I’m excited to see them age and get out of high school. High school was such a character in itself on the show, so I’m excited to see how it’s going to be without that sort of character of a school involved. It will be interesting…. I think as long as we have the element of a really great relationship, whether it’s friends or romantic, then everything else kind of falls into place.”

The original Teen Wolf movie followed high school teen Scott coming to terms with his uncontrollable urge to transform into a werewolf during a full moon. However, his transformation didn’t turn him into a bloodthirsty beast, but more just a family-friendly, hairier version of himself, to the point that he could still play basketball, have romantic encounters with the school popular girl, and play guitar while riding on the top of a van, as you would. The series took on a different tone and retained very little of the movie, turning the comedy of an awkward high school kid who inherits his family’s curse into a darker drama about a boy being bitten by a wolf and encountering a number of other monsters who he must defend his town against, with a healthy dose of violence and gore included for good measure. What this created was something along the lines of Supernatural, with werewolves as the central characters.

Teen Wolf gained reasonably positive ratings across its six seasons, having a couple of less well-received seasons in between those that earned 90% plus approval ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, but considering the series ended in 2017, there was much doubt that we would see any further adventures of Scott McCall. The cast were originally brought back together for a virtual reunion during the Covid pandemic, and while Posey seems to be very much on board with the movie version, which will be written by showrunner Davis for release on the Paramount+ streaming platform, many of the other stars of the show have gone on to become part of other major shows, so who else will be returning is as yet unknown.

With the movie only in very early development, we will not be likely to see Teen Wolf arrive on Paramount+ until late 2023 at the earliest. For now, the entire series is streaming on various platforms including Netflix if you haven’t yet watched it and would like to get on board. This news comes to us from https://ew.com/tv/tyler-posey-teen-wolf-movie-most-excited/|Entertainment Weekly.

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