July 7, 2022

The Addiction: How the ’90s Horror Masterpiece Uses Vampires Metaphorically

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By: David L Tamarin

A mysterious stranger abducts you from the street and turns you on to a new poison. Previously, you had never tasted the poison, and had no urges for it. But now you are hooked. All you can think about is your next fix, and turning your friends and acquaintances into fiends as well, so you’re less alone. You feel sick without it, your body calling out for its next fix. And when you finally get that fix, all is right with the world. You learn to dread the light. You can’t be around your old friends anymore and everything bores you. And when you get your fix, you don’t care if you take too much. There is no concern for safety. Are you a vampire or an excessive drug addict?

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