February 2, 2022
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The Black Phone Poster Reveals Ethan Hawke as Masked Killer ‘The Grabber’

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By: Brandy Lynn Sebren

Blumhouse Productions has just released the image that will be behind your eyelids as you fall asleep tonight. When you set your peepers on the new The Black Phone poster, you just know things are not going to work out for some people. You will sleep with the night light for a few nights. And we won’t be able to see Ethan Hawke again without thinking of him as the terrifying and twisted Grabber. I’ve heard tell of his ‘no villains rule,’ but clearly he’s thrown that out the window.

“The Black Phone follows an abducted boy locked in a basement that’s stained with the blood of half a dozen other murdered children. In the cellar with him is an antique telephone, long since disconnected, but which rings at night with calls from the dead.”

<strong><em>The Black Phone</em></strong> poster

Jason Blum says The Black Phone “Is definitely one of the creepiest movies we’ve ever done. Scott thinks it is his best movie. I’m such a fan of Scott’s…I really like all of his movies. I loved Sinister but I will certainly say it is one of his best movies. Maybe the best movie he has ever made.”

Starring Ethan Hawke as sadistic killer ‘The Grabber,’ the film also stars James Ransone, Jeremy Davies, Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw. Hawke will be pairing up again with Sinister director Scott Derrickson. Joe HIll has provided the source material with his novella of the same name. Joe Hill has been knocking it out of the park with his mix of horror and a touch of humor. While Locke and Key is being enjoyed by a younger audience. the graphic novel and teleplay would not make you think to plop the kids down and watch the tv series. His brand of contemporary horror is unique to him, and it has the moviemakers clamoring to collaborate.

 Blumhouse is a perfect fit, producing horror films, such as Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge, Split, Get Out, Happy Death Day, Halloween, Us, and The Invisible Man. Blumhouse’s business model, utilizing a small budget, giving their directors creative freedom, and releasing under bigger studio tents is not a new one. You’ve seen me share the news of the micro-budgets gems ala Sharknado. What decidedly sets them apart is their international success in their endeavors. Blumhouse’s low-budget model began with the 2007 film Paranormal Activity, which was made for $15,000 and grossed over $193 million worldwide. Blumhouse produced Insidious, which grossed over $99 million worldwide on a budget of $1.5 million, and Sinister, which grossed over $87 million worldwide from a budget of $3 million.

It gives you hope that the world of independent film will not be enjoyed by a select few. When you have Blumhouse as an example, creating films that draw talent by encouraging innovative and unique stories and the freedom to tell the story without focus groups and ‘suggestions’ from the higher ups, it proves to future investors that independent films are a profitable prospect. We have until January 28 2022 to purchase that nightlight, or ask Santa for one. We’re gonna need it.

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Originally posted on Movie Web

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