February 3, 2022

Vincent D’Onofrio Looks Deeper Into Those Kingpin Rumors, Will He Return in Hawkeye?

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By: Anthony Lund

Although there has always been speculation about whether Disney and Marvel Studios would at some point bring back the characters from Netflix’s Marvel Universe like Daredevil and Jessica Jones into the MCU, it seems that the introduction of the multiverse has opened a different set of floodgates when it comes to those past characters. With fans and interviewers picking up on every little comment by former Marvel stars, such as Charlie Cox being hinted at appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home as Matt Murdock, it seems that there are more and more actors being forced to add some clarity to rumors about their possible returns to the superhero platform. The latest of these, is Daredevil’ s Vincent D’Onofrio, who took to his Twitter account to almost clarify beyond doubt that he won’t be returning as Kingpin in Disney’s Hawkeye series.

The rumor of Vincent D’Onofrio potentially making a return as the crime lord began thanks to a short poem the actor tweeted just as the Hawkeye trailer dropped a few days ago. In that post he wrote, “The three legged dog. run’n, jump’n and with an incredible case of the wiggles. This dog does not ask for pity. This dog looks up to us. Wants to know what’s next. Head tilted it says. Where should we go, what should we do? Why are we waiting? I say to myself. This dog is right.” As is the case right now, Marvel fans went all Hercule Poirot and tried to work out the significance of the post, coming up with the idea that the poem was in reference to the dog that becomes Hawkeye‘s companion in the new series. If that isn’t wild speculation enough, then the fact that D’Onofrio also liked some tweets that commented things like “The king returns in Hawkeye“, was enough for many to believe that his return was signed, sealed and ready to be delivered this Christmas with a big bow on it.

However, today, Vincent D’Onofrio set the record straight by calming all that fan excitement, and giving a valuable lesson about reading too much into things in the process. He wrote in a new post, “Silly to look deeper into the little pieces I write. I’ve been writing them for years now. Although I appreciate the fandom. Because I loved playing him in @daredevil.”

While based on the comments made on that post, there are still some fans who are unwilling to let go of the idea that the actor will show up as the crime boss in Hawkeye, but most were happy to take it from the man that this particular return is currently not likely. Recently, fellow Daredevil star Charlie Cox had to repeatedly deny being the owner of a pair of forearms seen in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer as many fans were adamant that Cox’s Matt Murdock would be appearing as Peter Parker’s lawyer in the upcoming movie. These rumors were finally dealt with when an IMAX version of the trailer revealed the face belonging to the forearms in question and proved that it wasn’t Cox.

With Marvel’s multiverse offering so many loopholes, some of which are expected to explain the arrival of the X-Men and more in future, fan theories have been running almost as wild as the branching timelines that now make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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