February 3, 2022

Wear McDonald’s While You Eat It with Boxlunch’s New Apparel & Collectibles Collab

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By: Brandy Lynn Sebren

Next time you’re getting ready for that hot date or job interview, you can now have some delicious options. McDonald’s has partnered up with BoxLunch to provide some delectable duds that you’ve got to see to believe. They’ve got you covered for business casual in a button down speckled with Ronald, Grimace, Birdie, the Hamburglar, and the Fry Kids . Or if you are going more cazj (That’s how you spell it.) they have a tee that commands attention with Quarter Pounders, french fries, drinks, and a McFlurry for the full meal deal.

McDonalds Boxlunch Collab image #1

So sport your succulent ensemble, as BoxLunch has pledged to donate a meal to a person in need for every $10 spent in-store or online through a partnership with Feeding America. “As a brand serving tens of thousands of communities around the world, we’re always focused on living our purpose of feeding and fostering the communities we operate in,” said Jennifer DelVecchio, senior director of strategic alliances at McDonald’s, in a press release. “That’s why we’re especially proud to partner with BoxLunch and bring to life a new collection of apparel and accessories inspired by fan-favorite menu items and McDonald’s characters – connecting fandom for our iconic brand with BoxLunch’s food donations for those who need it most.”

McDonalds Boxlunch Collab image #2

As I see another McDonald’s genius promotion that will have folks walking around paying to advertise for the Golden Arches, it reinforces that they have been killing it with their jingles and slogans for decades. When I was a kid, they had a contest to win a million dollars. They were handing out their menu with a cardboard record that popped off the front and played the Menu Song. You had to play the record, listening to the song, and then it told you if you won or not. The song was simply their menu rattled off, but I’m telling you, it was catchy. The accompanying commercial made it look fun to memorize. The kids on the playground were absolutely showing off their skills. We memorized their entire menu, that is an earworm, by the way, and went around singing it, subconsciously dreaming about apple pies and McNuggets! Unparalleled!

Here it is! I’ve included the lyrics, if you’d like to impress (?) your pals.

“Big Mac, Mc DLT, a Quarter-Pounder with some cheese, Filet-O-Fish, a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a Happy Meal, McNuggets, tasty golden french fries, regular and larger sizes, and salads, chef or garden or a chicken salad Oriental. Big-Big Breakfast, Egg McMuffin, hot hotcakes and sausage, maybe biscuits, bacon, egg and cheese or sausage, danish, hash browns too, and for dessert: hot apple pies, and sundaes three varieties, a soft-serve cone, three kinds of shakes, and choc’laty chip cookies, and to drink: a Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and orange drink, a Sprite and coffee, decaf, too, a lowfat milk, also an orange juice. I love McDonald’s good time, great taste, and I get this all at one place.”

McDonalds Boxlunch Collab image #3

While I personally don’t wear clothing with messages on it, I would love to delight the cashier by busting out my Chicken McNugget coin purse. They got me, again!

McDonalds Boxlunch Collab image #4

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