April 25, 2022

What We do In the Shadows: Is the Movie or TV Show Better?

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By: Rose McQuirter

In January 2014, a new kind of mockumentary-style movie hit the screen at the Sundance Film Festival. The 85-minute comedy examines the lives of four ancient vampire flatmates and is smartly entitled What We Do in the Shadows. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, creator Jemaine Clement explains that the characters came to be when he and co-creator, Taika Waititi, did vampire stand-up. From there, the idea grew into a 30-minute, low-budget short film in which three nonchalant vampires are interviewed about their lives and then, eventually, it progressed into a full-length film. In another interview with The Guardian, Clement discloses that he and Waititi wanted these vampires to be “foreigners, not only from a different country but from a different time.”

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