April 26, 2022

Why Christopher Nolan Is One of the Best Working Directors Today

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By: John Odette

Films that challenge their audiences make the biggest splash. Their rippling effects end up being the topic of discussion in coffee shops, bars, podcasts, etc. The calming wake of what’s left behind is their permanence in pop culture. Filmmaker Christopher Nolan is an auteur who has systematically cranked out grand and grander contributions to the movie landscape. Simply put, any contemporary study of film will mention his name. From his earlier work, such as Memento and Insomnia, to mind-bending think pieces such as Inception and Tenet, Nolan has carved a ubiquitous presence. His name alone generates a splash in film discourse that cannot be ignored. These motivated actions of critique and study breathe in new life for a film once it has peaked theatrically (if it even gets that far).

Originally posted on Movie Web

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