February 3, 2022
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Will a Lucifer Movie Happen After Season 6? the Cast Considers the Possibility

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By: Anthony Lund

Lucifer was finally given the finale that fans always hoped for last week when the sixth season arrived on Netflix. The show was originally cancelled after three seasons with Fox, and it was given a “series finale” of sorts, but nothing that appeased anyone who had followed the story of Tom Ellis’ Lucifer Morningstar through his relationships on Earth. Netflix didn’t take too long in commissioning the series for more episodes, and now after three further seasons, the story is properly concluded. However, like many TV series, its main stars wouldn’t be opposed to returning for an outing on the big screen if he offer came along. Read on with a warning for season six spoilers.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German, who played Chloe Decker, spoke to The Wrap about the prospect of making a Lucifer movie sometime in the future, and while both acknowledging that it would not be something that would be happening right now, it would be fun and German definitely has a couple of ideas if it happens.

“My fantasy is that we shoot a Lucifer movie, but in the style of Naked Gun and Airplane! So if we could ask the fans if they are ok with a Naked Gun/Airplane-style Lucifer movie (laughs),” German said. “But no, I mean, Tom says it so well, how do you say it, muffin? It’s the right time to say goodbye.”

“It does feel like the right time,” Ellis said. “Never say never, and all of those things, but this feels like, this incarnation of these characters in this show, this feels like this is the right time to finish. Will we ever reprise these roles again? I don’t know. I don’t know. But at least the movie sounds fun in the future!”

If it came to be that there was not a follow up movie made, where the relationship of Lucifer and Chloe ended up felt very right for both actors. “We didn’t want to do an end to show where the audience have their cake and eat it and then had some more cake and then more cake after that,” Ellis said. “It just didn’t feel right. It feels like that’s not a true reflection of what this show has been or a true reflection of what we’re maybe trying to say at the end of it. And I think that to have that sacrifice made at the end, to understand that sacrifice, for Rory and Lucifer to truly understand why they didn’t spend their lives together, was the most important thing. Because once they understood that, they could accept it, and then that made everything else fall into place.”

He continued, “But not knowing is the worst. And so them kind of like finding that within the season was the satisfaction that was needed. But I feel like it was important that Lucifer made some kind of sacrifice at the end of the show. Because, yes, you talk about Chloe’s human life, but as an audience member and as the characters we now know – Chloe knows there’s an afterlife, she knows Lucifer is immortal. So there’s only one person that’s going to lose in that situation if she didn’t know there was an afterlife, and that’s Chloe. And now it’s like, ‘Hold on, we can plan for further down the road.’ But what we would trick our audience into thinking is not think about that, we want to think about the here and now. So they didn’t live happily ever after – but they did because they could.”

Lucifer‘s final season is now streaming on Netflix.

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