February 2, 2022


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Take a look at ‘EPISODE 9 PROMO TRAILER’ concept for Disney+ series ‘Marvel’s WHAT IF…?’ (More Info About This Video Down Below)

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Inspiration behind this video:

Episode 8 of What If…? shows that Marvel understands the best type of stories the series can tell, but it’s too late. The Disney+ animated show takes place in different timelines throughout the multiverse, each chapter telling a story about what that universe might look like had a significant moment in the MCU gone a different way. The episodes have ranged from heartbreakingly tragic to frivolously silly, and reception has been mixed. Although many have told interesting stories, they have only really served as gimmicks that don’t have any real impact on the MCU.

Episode 8, however, "What If… Ultron Won?," shows what would happen if Ultron (Ross Marquand), not the Avengers, claimed Vision and the Mind Stone. The genocidal android uses the stone’s power to destroy the Earth, and when Thanos arrives, he slays him and claims the other five Infinity Stones. After wiping out all life in the universe, Ultron discovers the multiverse and uses the power of the stones to locate and fight the Watcher (Jeffrey Wright), as they travel through a multitude of different realities. It’s finally an episode that affects the grand scheme of the MCU, and even ties back to a previous What If…? episode when the Watcher seeks the help of evil Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) from episode 4.

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What If…? Episode 9: October 6

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