February 2, 2022
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THE BATMAN (2022) NEW IMAX TRAILER | Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves Movie | DC Fandome | Warner Bros

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Take a look at our ‘New IMAX Trailer’ for Matt Reeves’ The Batman (2022), the trailer features footage from ‘The Batman Official Trailer’ as well as from previous Batman films and contains scenes that resonates with the actual plot for ‘The Batman’ (More Info About The Video Down Below!)

Thumbnail Based On Amazing Artwork By Aini Sadratdin
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Inspiration behind this video:

The Batman composer Michael Giacchino is set to restore Gotham City’s identity by crafting a score that harkens back to the Gothic-infused grandeur championed by Tim Burton and Danny Elfman. Matt Reeves is in the director’s chair for the upcoming film, with Robert Pattinson donning the cape and cowl as the Dark Knight. While little has been revealed about The Batman (a situation set to change at next month’s DC FanDome), it has been confirmed that the story will focus on the second year of Bruce Wayne’s vigilante mission, facing down Paul Dano’s Riddler. In honor of Batman day, Giacchino revealed (via Instagram) a snippet of his Batman theme.

When Tim Burton directed Batman in 1989, he strived to make Gotham a character in its own right, mixing Gothic architecture with Art Deco, to create a unique cinematic metropolis. Danny Elfman was then brought on board to create the music. He came up with the main Batman theme after visiting the set and being inspired by the visuals and tone of what was being filmed on the backlots of Pinewood Studios. The resulting marriage of visuals and sound created a living, breathing city full of personality. Conversely, while Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is lauded as a highpoint of the superhero genre, a fundamental consequence in the decision to ground Batman in the real world was to strip out Gotham’s identity as a character. In Christopher Nolan’s movies, Gotham is largely indistinguishable from any other metropolitan city (especially in the latter two films).

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